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  1. Went to the Ashiana Bangladeshi restaurant which is on the Fleetwood road off the M55 today. Very highly recommended.
  2. Do you have somewhere safe to leave the bike pal, a friends or relatives perhaps or do you lock it up at the ground? (Please dont think I am contemplating nicking it!!)
  3. RIP Paul, another true Rover lost. My thoughts are with his family.
  4. Lasted all of one minute before swiftly deciding that this was the biggest pile of crap that I had seen all week
  5. Cracking find Colin and now on my iphone for when I need those inspirational moments.
  6. Rest in peace Mr Clayton you will be sadly missed by all. Condolences also to his family.
  7. You know the phrase you can do anything if you try, well I know for a fact that I could never do this. Also felt a bit queasy
  8. As a born and bred Darrener and Indian food lover, Sukhis is the best. No question about it try all three if you like and find that I am correct. YUM
  9. I was just about to post that I wish we had a player now who could score 32 goals in 75 games and that there must have been a good reason to sell him on. Cheers for that Ty RIP Ian
  10. QUOTE (mrsjansen @ Aug 17 2008, 17:02 ) I know - but i didnt think they could have 2 in the same town. Yes Jack Walker Way is the main road that runs through the Oakdale and Fernhurst Farm estates. Anyway RIP Jack never to be forgotten thanks for making my dreams come true.
  11. Have tried it and quite impressed. If you want the best sit down meal its sukhis at Darwen, and for the earlier poster yes Darwen is the centre of the universe!
  12. He went to Darwen Moorland, two years ahead of me I think.
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