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  1. 56 minutes ago, 4000Holes said:

    The world, according to Waggott. 
    Covid has been a terrible thing and it only occurred in Blackburn.

    Yep although there's non doubt of its impact its happened to everyone. Yet Swaggo and TM have done their level best this week to land everything at its door including assets they haven't tied down since before it began.

    They are the luckiest pair in the league the excuses come on a plate here to give them license to totally detached themselves from any part of it whatsoever.

    Luck runs out eventually though, for everybody.

  2. 4 minutes ago, Mr. E said:

    The question is are Venky's being tight, or are the idiotic FFP rules the reason we can't offer contracts to keep our players.

    The FA and FFP will be more than happy if we are "in our place" in League 1, they don't care. 

    Yes they'd love nothing more than a Prem chocked with big city clubs with 30k= sell outs every game. And a championship full of clubs getting 20k with the potential of 30+ should they go up.

    The rest can slide away to oblivion, it's all about the media and sponsorship paymasters and agents.

  3. 3 minutes ago, simongarnerisgod said:

    that would be the progresive way to do things,however this is waggot,venkys and apathy,maggot  won`t change a thing

    Oh yes there's no chance of it happening it makes for too much sense and ticks too many boxes.

    Option B suits these lazy barstewards and the police better.  30 odd quid a ticket, hardly any walk ons and probably less of them lot than normal.

    verdict 15/16k  with a third of them away fans, easy day for all at the club and the OB.

  4. Price the Preston game sensibly and aim to get 15k home fans on. Plus their rabble on their annual get out of South Ribble day pass.  Aim for 21k+ and get a few back in for a local derby.

    Then hopefully the team shows up and it helps re-engage a few more, these are the games for this approach. Just make it £20 in all areas outside of JW center/upper and get the BBE and Riverside full up again.


  5. He isn't a leader he isn't ambitious and he has no real clout he is just CEO in name and wages, a box ticker.

    That's why virtually every answer starts with an excuse or spin he's only getting wheeled out once every 6 months now to gloss things over. There is a negative almost can't be arsed air to it all it's no wonder the whole club is as blaise as it seems, everything comes from the top.

    All he's done there is passed the buck to his heads of depts, where does he think he's working Canary Wharf ?

  6. 12 minutes ago, Hasta said:

    From Waggots interview which has surfaced in the last hour-

    Asked if he felt the pricing structure at the club, with the cheapest ticket for a Category A+ match £36, was affordable to the people of the town, Waggott responded: “We’ve tried to make it so that the season ticket prices are what we base everything on.

    “Adult prices are £17 per ticket and senior citizens work out at £12. 

    Which is basically a big screw you to anyone who can't get to all games because of work or travel commitments.

    It's also hardly a policy to encourage people to try coming to Ewood again (or for the first time). 


    We've tried to make it affordable to everybody then in the next breathe we price individual games according to away fanbase.

    So yes FU if you don't or can't commit.

  7. 1 hour ago, Gav said:

    The only thing that fits perfectly well with my opinion and views is we need to get rid of the owners, you'll catch on one day Rev.

    Wilder is a manager that gets the blood going, but he's way beyond the abilities of Waggot and Venkys, I'd be surprised if they even know he's on the market we're that far dumbed down these days.

    As for Neill, he's just been sacked from Preston.......I'll let that settle in for a minute, Preston........Abject failure in anyone's book, is that actually the height of your ambition Rev?

    Neils Preston finished above Mowbrays Rovers every season he was there. Handing out a few beatings in the process. The guy also got Norwich promoted to the Prem well within the last decade not when adam was a lad.

    He must have something about him and is easily in the same bracket as Mowbray, better in fact going off those stats.  

    At end the day the Bowyers, Lamberts, Neils and Mowbrays are all in that middle rung of gaffers.  Sometimes the dice just needs rolling so he'd be far from the worst choice to land on.

  8. Grew up in Wheelton and there, Brinscall, Withnell, Abbey Village, Heapey etc always traditional Rovers strongholds. Although not very big places so we aren't talking thousands.

    Like everywhere else though the demographic changes young locals move away, older fans are lost or can't go anymore. People from Manchester, Bolton way move in and other kids just grow up hanging off the armchair teams.

    Rovers weren't up too much when i was a kid but most lads from those villages followed them. Then the Jack era began and everyone and their dog was suddenly Rovers mad.

  9. The logic in regards to them is they'll fall away the min he walks out the door but the miserable ginger twohat doesn't really belong anywhere else. I'd probably much rather see them finally fade away with him at the helm boring and kicking their way out the Prem.

    I know they are a division above but god it must be boring being a Burnley fan, people don't even buy into the small club punching above its weight line with them. 

    Do they still take ten thousand to every away game and still need to terrace Pendle Hill ?

  10. 6 hours ago, magicalmortensleftpeg said:

    Looks like half the upper BE is available online for the Cardiff game. Not sure if it’ll actually allow you buy a ticket but it is showing as available on the stadium map. Odd.

    They've been giving away tickets in there to local kids groups etc this season so probably another one on Sat.

  11. This season i just think attending fans recognize this side is very young and needs support at all times whether good or bad.

    That's the way it should be but if things went wrong for any length of time he'd be let know about it. Again that's the way it should be so any attempt at throwing kids under the bus won't last long. Neither would continually hiding behind the youthfulness of the side as he's responsible for it.

    A good manager with a squad like this would take all that on his shoulders to keep it off theirs. Time will tell but so far they are collectively getting results so nobody is going to be getting on his case at the games and nor should they really.

    I find it annoying he doesn't have either the bottle or faith in some players he's signed to actually try and win games sometimes. However he's probably just thinking of escaping with a point and keeping everybody off his case, whereas fans are thinking of getting up the league.

    We should be used to that by now and it used to be the same under Bowyer. Although i think he was more prone to having a right good go in the last ten mins than Mowbray ever has been.  

  12. 11 minutes ago, 47er said:

    Ironic isn't it? Now we finally have a decent keeper and the defence is improved, we don't have a decent central striker despite spending £12M on 2!

    You couldn't make it up!

    And seeing as we've not had to sell a player either for years,  have thrown ample good money thrown on wages. Then now had the budget slashed it might finally dawn on some there'll never be a promotion challenge under this set up, ever.

  13. 1 hour ago, JWU-Andy said:

    just to bring the thread back on track and about attendances, I've been looking at the figures and no matter which way you cut it, it makes for pretty grim reading.

    The question is, how do the club (realistically) arrest the decline?  Given that Venkys have seemingly learnt nothing over the past 10 years, it makes you wonder how bad things will have to get before they change tact.

    Screenshot 2021-09-19 at 21.50.41.png

    Screenshot 2021-09-19 at 21.50.58.png

    Screenshot 2021-09-19 at 21.51.26.png

    Screenshot 2021-09-19 at 21.53.03.png

    Waggot will address it for them don't worry.

    By hiking prices again next season to cover the next drop. Then they'll do their bit by giving him and Mowbray extensions whilst only sanctioning loans and ensuring we stay in lower mid table.

  14. 19 minutes ago, rigger said:

    Having one good game, then one bad game, is the epitome of inconsistancy. Brereton still doesn't look like a championship level footballer. We might have options out wide, but most of our balls into the danger areas are either under or over hit. So those options are not working. How can we have our best attacking options and yet not have a central forward. 

    I think Brereton is one of those who'll always look like that but will have a knack of bagging a few still. It's rare in his time here he's had a good game but he's scored a few good goals although i'll never ever understand what prompted them to shell out that much for him when they did.

    It's going to take a few good seasons to finally justify it so hopefully he gets a bit physically stronger.

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