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  1. It's easier to research them a quick look on companies house shows they are very much in the massive quick recruitment of land business. Borrowed money to buy then probably squaring the borrowings with profits as they go along.

    Venkys it's almost impossible to research but the fact they throw 10/20/30 miliion in every season since they've been here shows money has never been an issue with them.

    Just about everything else has been an issue though !

  2. It shouldn't be a consideration at all this season until March at the earliest.

    If he doesn't like it or chooses to bail then fair enough it's his choice. He's had enough backing and wages out of the club in the last 5 years so actually trying to 'earn' a new deal does nobody any harm.

    Chuck a 3 year extension in front of him and the foot will come off the gas before the ink is dry. Then it's all about the journey again, narrative reset.

    Lets do it properly this time not letting sentiment or fear get in the way. By the same token if they are all set for change and not going to renew it whatever then he should be given the opportunity the leave in good grace.

    He'd get a good send off that way.

  3. There's no way they'd be paying top dollar required to get it, no way.  You don't go so far in such a short time in business by having your pants pulled down.

    The other issue about the ISSA bros is they seem very property orientated and probably want to pile their profits into buying the entire town up.  That opens up a lot of potential issues on the training ground, Ewood front.

    Plus going back to the point on going a long way in a short time where did they get their original money from ?   Somewhere in the background they'll have some serious backers and they might make the Vs look like the virgin Mary.

  4. A      He's got to cover for falling crowds year on year under his watch.

    B      He's got to cover his own salary and find ways to justify his presence.

    The guy is faffing about with ticket prices and other surcharges here and there to fund his own wages. Then when it comes to getting players to join on contract he appears to be useless.

    Talking to India - Player didn't want to come North ( pretty sure you'd have known that at the beginning )

    Fans not coming back because of covid  -  a half, nah quarter truth at best.

  5. 5 hours ago, K-Hod said:

    I mentioned this before, but it there are any questions people want me to ask, slide into my DMs before the next meeting and I’ll raise them. I don’t just go there to drink water and eat boiled sweets, if you’ve an issue, it’s my job to raise it.

    I'll get you some boiled sweets if you promise to launch them in his direction every answer swerved.

    2 kg should do it.

  6. 39 minutes ago, Miller11 said:

    Not only is Waggott completely incompetent, he can’t even be arsed any more. He’s not the only one either. Those are some of the laziest responses I could ever have imagined. The one about re-engagement shows a complete and utter lack of understanding of the current reality. I despair.


    Nope. You have rectified the problem of broken speakers by turning them off and turning up the volume of the other speakers around it. Lazy, quick fix. 


    That's the first thing i thought reading them the can't be arsed attitude shine through. Scripted replies that are just that, replies they aren't answers.

    This guy needs booting as far up the road as possible before he does anymore damage. 

    I presume these mins are heavily edited because if not what a pointless nodding exercise it comes across as.

  7. So going off that Waggot is looking into several things again and will no doubt still be looking into them by the next meeting. Fans seem more concerned about getting a pint at games than real answers.

    And nothing in there hasn't already been said previously in the LT etc.

    Also has the guy who turned up trumpeting about the training ground sell off cried off again already ?



  8. Smallwood was better than Lowe and look where they are now and have been since they left.  Andrews though was Pele compared to these two he was just way out of his depth jumping up to the Prem at 29 or whatever he was.

    Williamson, Akpan and Lowe my god, nothing against the lads they all put a shift in but should have been nowhere near a club with upper championship aspirations.  

  9. 33 minutes ago, bluebruce said:

    Hard disagree. They are miniscule compared to us. There are some similarities sure, but they have fuck-all credentials in English football history at the top tier, we have fucktons.

    Counts for sod all though on Saturday.

    Besides our mon will talk them up so we'll be the miniscule ones.

  10. The proof is in the pudding he's an experienced well rated center half and hes now fit and been played in his position. With the expansive possession football experiment he struggled with shelved for now. It really isn't rocket science is it if only they applied this theory to other positions.

    As for critics most including me were concerned at what he wasn't doing because he was injured and on a long well paid contract.  What he could do if fit and motivated was never really the question.

    Great signing hes proving so far it's a hark back to signing Moran and the like in terms of anchoring defense. By god does he need some real back up though.

  11. Perception, midset, attitude, ambition, drive and determination that failure isn't an option.

    Yes you need combine it with realism and pragmatic expectation that says we are unlikely to bother the top 4 but......

    All that has been all wrong here since we bounced back, they just settled in and set their stall out for a comfortable plod. An ambitious modest sized outfit or a middle of the road making up the numbers club ?

    We know which one they've created, to the tune of tens of millions in the process. 

  12. Grand scheme of things they aren't miniscule compared to us if you strip everything away we used to be mirror versions pre Prem.  Like us there's a limit to how big a fanbase a club like that can have but they've always had a superb hardcore.

    Now if you don't strip everything away and look at what we've had in the last decade and some of the things we still do you might well cry. They'd give their right arm for most of that but i doubt they'd want this ownership or board anywhere near the place billions or no billions. 

    Like a day out down there so hopefully i'll get to this one, been quite a few times and seen good bad and indifferent in terms of games, scores and followings.  Those giving Ewood a miss at present get down here and cheer on these young lions and in the managers words 'lets see where they go'....if he lets them that is.


    Barnsley   2    Rovers  2

  13. 33 quid for Preston at Sheff U last night, a club with parachute money and big gates.

    When we go to Blackpool, that skint club who've been to the brink, only £23 for a local game. When they come here they'll likely have to pay at least £32.

    Blackpool are showing the way and we are more Blackpool than Sheffield we can't get away with what they can.

  14. How about the preaching of the possession game he did for two years whilst trying to coach it into the team. Last night was yet again cast iron proof he's wasted two seasons and a good few million on that nonsense.

    Any accountability ?  Nah under the carpet it goes, never happened instead now he's being idolised for turning around from a bad season.

    The guy is insufferable to be honest but as someone said it's a results business. He's getting them at the min so if we maintain that it could be a surprisingly good season.

    He's still a very very lucky man to be at this club though allowing his whims and failed experiments. Possibly having his back against the wall might spark a bolder reaction this season.

  15. 29 minutes ago, roverblue said:

    A lot of season ticket holders around me didn't turn up last night, Tuesday night against Hull isn't really one to entice the fans!


    It would be fairer to compare a Saturday 3pm attendance with the the last few years instead, probably still down on what it has been.

    Putting the price up £100 in the Riverside was an idiotic move and has probably lost a couple of thousand purely based on cost.

    They still get counted in the crowd figures though.

    As Mattyblue has said there are next to no walk ons for a game like last night and don't forget Satursday game and the like have been boosted by around a thousand kiddies tickets handed out.  

    It's a dire situation that has been creeping up for years.

  16. 12 minutes ago, IrelandsRover said:

    If we keep getting results, attendances will improve

    When a game comes along on a Saturday that a few more part timers or lapsed fans might fancy then they get charged £32 ?

    The club has made the rod for its back this season i think so it will take spectacular form or a good uptake in half STs to make much difference.

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