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  1. 11 minutes ago, 47er said:

    Ironic isn't it? Now we finally have a decent keeper and the defence is improved, we don't have a decent central striker despite spending £12M on 2!

    You couldn't make it up!

    And seeing as we've not had to sell a player either for years,  have thrown ample good money thrown on wages. Then now had the budget slashed it might finally dawn on some there'll never be a promotion challenge under this set up, ever.

  2. 1 hour ago, JWU-Andy said:

    just to bring the thread back on track and about attendances, I've been looking at the figures and no matter which way you cut it, it makes for pretty grim reading.

    The question is, how do the club (realistically) arrest the decline?  Given that Venkys have seemingly learnt nothing over the past 10 years, it makes you wonder how bad things will have to get before they change tact.

    Screenshot 2021-09-19 at 21.50.41.png

    Screenshot 2021-09-19 at 21.50.58.png

    Screenshot 2021-09-19 at 21.51.26.png

    Screenshot 2021-09-19 at 21.53.03.png

    Waggot will address it for them don't worry.

    By hiking prices again next season to cover the next drop. Then they'll do their bit by giving him and Mowbray extensions whilst only sanctioning loans and ensuring we stay in lower mid table.

  3. 19 minutes ago, rigger said:

    Having one good game, then one bad game, is the epitome of inconsistancy. Brereton still doesn't look like a championship level footballer. We might have options out wide, but most of our balls into the danger areas are either under or over hit. So those options are not working. How can we have our best attacking options and yet not have a central forward. 

    I think Brereton is one of those who'll always look like that but will have a knack of bagging a few still. It's rare in his time here he's had a good game but he's scored a few good goals although i'll never ever understand what prompted them to shell out that much for him when they did.

    It's going to take a few good seasons to finally justify it so hopefully he gets a bit physically stronger.

  4. We have a settled back line and the starting line up isn't changing that much. I think that shows in results and performances. We are stodgy rather than pretty this season and it's getting draws rather than 0-1s.

    Managers hand as been forced on this somewhat and he isn't trying to keep happy a host of senior pros. Perhaps that suits him a bit more, perhaps he's more comfortable bossing young lads rather than fragile egos.

    Whatever it is it has benefited us so far this season considering the squad is very lightweight. Just like finally having a proper keeper though has made a big difference so has finally having a proper central defender. 

    Seriously how long is it since we had a proper one ? 

    Still the same things happen though that raise concerns but that is how Mowbray works he will never change. If he managed Man City he'd do the same things it's his dna so you do fear, like last season that at some point the rotating on confusing stuff will commence.

    Now if he'd just lay off all that for one season ! Let the team itself actually evolve instead of being more concerned about individuals it might turn out worthwhile.

  5. Ah Saint and Greavsie ! before SKY's big club propaganda eventually turned everything so serious and boring.

    Just reading up on him as a player and never realized how good he was that's some impressive records he has. Shame its never been profiled like it should he never seems to get mentioned amongst the greats of the English game much.

    Now if he'd worn a Liverpool or Man U shirt that would've been altogether different.


  6. I stopped going to the big local games under Allardyce, the tipping point was zero expectation to win coupled with 35/40 quid tickets. That was so long ago as well and the fact most of these games were on live tv had a dramatic negative effect on away support.

    In typical Rovers fashion though it didn't really add up because home turnouts were the best they'd been for years around then.

    Don't get me wrong i'd love to be in the Prem and face that issue again but give me a day out at Barnsley anytime over a corporate rip off fixture.

    Have to say though with the cap on away tickets in the Prem these days we wouldn't have problems shifting plenty.

  7. It was a great turn out at Barnsley but lets consider a few things instead of getting carried away and trying to use it as a marker of faith in the manager.

    First away game within easy distance on a Saturday afternoon in how long ?

    Average prices buying before the day.

    Good chance of a point or three and great opportunity for a pint or ten.

    Early season, proper awayday and lets be honest a club like us should be taking a respectable number over there on a September Saturday afternoon. 

    Sadly there was probably a good number in that following who haven't set foot in Ewood this season. Kind of says a lot.

  8. 5 minutes ago, Wing Wizard Windy Miller said:

    Here's my frustration with Mowbray.  The pragmatic 'defend first' and counter approach means we are picking up points in games where we wouldn't have last year. 

    We are clearly a goalscorer short of really benefitting from this approach. 

    Last year we had one.  A more suited to counter attacking striker you'd struggle to find.

    Set the team up this way last year and I bet we finish a damn sight higher.

    His stubbornness is often to the detriment of the team.


    This 100%

    Also we only seem to have a real go once we go behind that's another marker of the ToMo dour philosophy.  Yesterday it was clear as day 60 mins ah we'll take the point the subs pretty much confirmed it.  Why oh why though not just reshuffle and have a bit more of a go we've seen it work a couple of times this season. If we'd conceded he'd have done it almost straight away.

    We aren't talking going gung ho just getting people in the correct positions to have a go. Yet again his priority seems just to get some players some mins instead whilst remaining pragmatic and maybe hoping to nick something. Game yesterday was there for the taking for either side and they nearly took it a few times. We offered nothing really.

    A points a point can't be too choosy but the fact a lot feel deflated again tells it's own story. These are the things like the surrender to Luton that sort the underachievers from the punching above their weights over a season.

    It's an absolute cast iron recurring theme under his reign that a little bit more ambition and drive at certain times we'd have a lot more to show for it.

    The whole thing is just set up to plod though and you only have to look out at Ewood on matchday to see the town knows this.

  9. 4 minutes ago, TheRoversReturn said:

    Our loan strategy has no coherence to it, it's a random shotgun approach.

    Clarkson and Poveda are taking opportunities away from our own players, principally Butterworth, Chapman and McBride. When van Hencke finally is fit, he'll likely be taking away minutes from Carter and Wharton. 

    I'm not against all loans, but they should either be possible permanent recruits (we used to do this well pre-Venkys) or much, much better than our own youngsters, preferably will an option to buy. Khedra might be a cut above, but the others? 

    That's the negative side to it for sure but i suppose the manager sees it as creating competition and cover for places. When though you're putting the loan guys as first choice just because they come from big clubs it's a poor way to go about it really.

  10. 4 minutes ago, bluebruce said:

    In fairness, whilst it could be cynical, it's also possible that he simply was bored by it all last year. If you've been working in football your whole life at his age, with the fans in every game, it was probably difficult to keep his motivation going.

    Of course on the other hand he is paid handsomely to do his absolute best. But we are all human no matter what you pay us.

    That's neither an explanation nor an excuse that would hold up with any football fan. In fact it's a disgrace and would only come about because there are no fans to bend your earhole.

    What happens this season when he gets bored ?

    I don't believe he's suddenly got his mojo back he is just aware of what he can get away with and what he can't here. That comes from being somewhere a long time and knowing how it all ticks.

  11. 15 minutes ago, matt83 said:

    One thing I genuinely wonder (worry) about is we have a mid table attendance, presumably a mid table revenue that goes with it, mid table players, mid table manger, no proper executives, yet we lose £20 million every season whereas our counterparts dont. Where the F does it all go? Why aren’t we at least breaking even with a squad that’s got a significant amount of academy players. 

    Mowbray tends to extend contracts of players who aren’t good enough or surplus to requirement, the squad has always been too big yet simultaneously lacking, one has to assume those that are good enough are being paid far more than our mid table rivals. But a £20 million loss a year, how.

    This shambles is on the manager, but like every other manager he’ll waste money that isn’t his, but why the owners allow this is beyond me. Rather than simply being grateful they sign a cheque every season let’s try and run the club properly like a proper business. 

    Just my opinion and always has been but i'm very suspicious of the overal wage bill at Rovers and the losses.  Despite the cuts every now and again the owners not only seem happy to pour it through but almost encourage it at times.

    I don't think it's anything dodgy that would've flagged up by now but there is to me definitely corporate number crunching goes on. Maybe some gets drawn out funding somebody in this end as well on the clubs books.

    Barrys european spending money maybe.

    It never seems to add up though and lets face it the football industry will be full of loopholes regarding big money. That's why it's a honeypot attracting the wealthy with money to be burn and the chancers only too happy to burn it for them.

  12. 12 minutes ago, Exiled_Rover said:

    Also goes to show how much dead weight we were carrying last year.

    What did we have, 12 pros walk out the door and results have largely remained the same?

    Now if they'd started a revolutionary build 3 years ago instead of trying to look after the promotion squad we might have got somewhere by now.

    Those who've been ruthless and cut the wage bill might have actually done us a favour.

  13. We only ever have a real go after we've conceded if we'd gone 1 behind there he'd have shuffled and gone attack minded.

    As it was 20 mins to go he's thinking ok i'll take a point and look to get some of the loan lads on.  Just typical really never proactive just reactive that's the whole point why we'd never go anywhere no matter what the squad was. Handy point at the end of the day but pretty poor stuff overall.

    Same shit over and over from Tepid Teflon, celebrating a point from a game he did his best to hand to them.

  14. 4 hours ago, Mashed Potatoes said:

    Derby have been brought down by a British owner, not foreigners. It's a story of excessive spending, "creative" accounting in the misguided belief that this will be successful in evading FFP rules, and high turnover of managers. It astonishes me that some people on here advocate that we follow the same approach at Rovers.

    We've had ONE manager in 5 years there are clubs who've had more who are no worse off than us it's just part and parcel of championship football.

    You could also mention we were heading into falling foul of FFP anyway and without the cash injection of the Armstrong sale who knows what else.  I'd stake my last quid on Derby bouncing back and passing us in the next few years should we carry on going around in circles with this old boys club.

  15. Double jabbed, generally fit, rough as a bears arse, tested positive.

    All i can say is if this is mild because the vaccine is keeping it off then i really wouldn't like a full dose.  Still i suppose this is the only way to heard immunity, serious variants not withstanding of course.

    Meanwhile my other half is now in her 3rd stint in hospital following her first jab 4 months ago. They are now thinking its triggered an autoimmune disorder than could be permanent.

    It's all a big fuck up alright.

  16. No point crying about it now though our lot missed the trick after promotion and the Oxford game. That day showed there was support there, yes a one off occasion and we'd never get that many every week even if it was a tenner.

    But it showed the interest was spiked again and no reason why 15k home turn outs couldn't be averaged with the right pricing. 

    However they took that opportunity to drive the price up, Waggot wants rovers pricing on a par with a lot of bigger, Southern clubs etc by the looks of it.  The man has no idea but it's not rocket science keep shoving prices up whilst the club goes nowhere or backwards and all you're doing is covering fresh shortfalls.

    It's managed decline that's exactly what it is and it needs nipping in the bud before it becomes terminal. I'm convinced this Coventrio mob would happily have 5k in the stadium paying even more in prices if it kept them in their comfort zones.

    Aside from one offs where we might get just a few thousand more on cheap tickets the ONLY way to drive Rovers crowds forwards, without promotion, is a season ticket deal like Huddersfield and others have done in the past.

    Re-engage, get a good 5k back in and rebuild with the aim of keeping them. 


  17. Don't worry i read the other night Mowbray is an evoltionist evolving the club with youth. It takes time to be a Brentford but we'll be a Barnsley in another season or two.

    This was in ref to giving him a new contract, i honestly give up with some of our lot. I was going to ask WTF hes been doing these last few years but really it's not worth the bother. 

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