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  1. Did you put a bet on for Sheff Wednesday to be promoted?

  2. Probably because he was surrounded by slower players.
  3. I imagine he'd get a good few in this league. As an estimate approaching 15. A useful player from the bench, when we have injuries/suspensions, or when he is in form to start.
  4. No he's not. He's still had some game time at least. But if he wants first team football he may have to move.
  5. Wow, what an awful person I am. I'll try and remember to put 'in my opinion' after every sentence. Just in case you are confusing what I am writing as another posters opinion. Bradley Orr did a decent enough job in the Prem to say he has something to offer in the Championship, Marcus Olsson isn't a defender, and Jason Lowe is a very tenacious player. Compared to other Championship defences I would find it hard to believe that they were not in the top ten, and I personally feel they'd be up there with the best if you factor Martin Olsson, Dann and Givet into there. Obviously I'm talking about our current setup. Things are subject to change.
  6. We've got a very good Championship defence.
  7. But then when you compare the likes of Howard Webb (a man content at letting the game flow by simply not giving decisions) and Collina, you can see the thing is to be a good referee, playing by the rules and employing consistency whilst actually being good at your job and knowing what is a foul and what is not, rather than simply not blowing their whistles. I do take your point though, Premiership referees give far too many fouls simply by guessing or due to prejudice against certain teams or pressure. It's a hard job but you can't help but feel our lot aren't much cop.
  8. Haha,good form! Was perhaps a tad harsh when posting that. My apologies.

  9. Hilarious comment. Nice to meet you.

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