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  1. I went to a grammar school (St Mary's College) under the Direct Grant scheme and we were poor because my dad had to serve in WW2 and we had only my mum's wage. Shortly before I took my exam we got a council house and that was an upgrade. The scheme was brilliant and gave kids like me a chance to better themselves. Now, thanks to Labour's "equal opportunities" that is no longer available and I believe that to be a retrograde step.
  2. Much better thanks Den. I had a kidney transplant and whilst I was on heavy immunsurppressants the bloody hospital allowed me to gat a flu like infection. Although I don't have much of a memory of it my wife says it was touch and go for a while but I am much better now but can't walk very far. My golf has gone by the wayside.
  3. If the site want to collect signatures to back this letter you can rely on mine. I also post on another Rovers site and if you wish I will ask the members there also to back the petition. Please PM me if you want me to do something.
  4. What is it with Nyambe. Has he been with Tony's wife.
  5. A loyal player will play anywhere the manager asks him temporarily if it's for the good of the team.
  6. Brad signs a new deal. Heppy New Year
  7. It can be confusing though. We gave our second son a name beginning with A (same as mine). We never knew who our letters were addressed to until he left home and even now I get some for him occasionally.
  8. Al


    It's a mystery Mike but I couldn't log in and when I gave my email for assistance I couldn't get a reply and if I tried to open a new account it said my email address was already in use. Strange.
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