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  1. ? I am currently sitting in my nuclear bunker as I type... is strange how it can be so extreme home and away...
  2. Playing devils advocate a little, but didn’t we have the 5th best defence in the league at home. Better than Norwich and Villa? Granted away it was very poor and needs addressing but is it really as bad as some are making out?
  3. Owen Coyle, after rovers v Bolton..... ''Steve Kean is a terrific coach and manager. All you want is an opportunity. We have the best league in the world, but we don't have the 20 best managers in the world, someone has to fill the dreaded places where no-one wants to be.'' So we are now beyond the dreaded places on one wants to be......well he has a point, no one wants to be here unless you cozy up to a certain agency.....
  4. The real presidential debate......Trump is crackers....
  5. I switched to a road bike from a hybrid and initially got a good number Of punctures due to the tyres. I avoid any hole in the rd now and if I can't move try and lift my front wheel over. Not had a puncture of ages and done a lot of miles.....saying that hope it lasts, off to John O'Groats tonight for a small cycle south......
  6. Audax, looking at 14 days with 12 days cycling for lands end. It's going to be a tough couple of weeks but should be 'fun' in the main....
  7. Agree, a lot of bike shops now have a points system and you get some many points depending what bike you get and cost. You can then exchanmge points for helmet, shoes, clothes etc. SO if they don;t have that system it is well worh asking. Oh if anyone wants a bit of challenge on the bike, I'm doing Lands End to John O'Groats in September if you want to join me
  8. Paul gives good advice, especially with the shorts. I followed a lot of his advice a few years back around shorts and got some assos, not cheap but still going strong. Took me a while to get back on hills with a compact after a triple but I'm a much stronger cyclist because of it. Clipless shoes are a must if you are doing any distance or hills, they make such a difference! But saying all this the only thing which will make you a good rider is to get on the bike!!! Also 100% agree with horse riders, annoys me when cyclists complain about cars then don't listen to their own advice when it comes to horses and walkers....
  9. I switched to a road from a hybrid last year. Again kept the hybrid for touring. Got a bianco from ribble, with a compact. As I'm used to the triple the compact is at the lower end making it close to the bottom ring of the compact but gear change is so much smoother. I went to ewood cycles for my hybrid, they would not let me test it which is strange as most good bike shops will no problem. Decent service but it put me off going back this time.....
  10. So sad, agree that it shows what football is really about. Just a shame it takes something likes this to cut through the money and selfishness which football is now viewed. Hope whatever demons gary had, he is now free from....as for depression, quite often it's when your on your own you get dragged down, when people are around the depression is pushed to one side to a point. I guess that could explain him on football focus. But whatever pushed him to it is not my business, I'll just remember the great footballer, manager and nice bloke in football....
  11. Agree with you both. Also with Benni, how often does he come out wide to influence play and quite honestly is out best crosser of the ball by a long long way. Not having a go at Sam, but shouldn't it be the managers job to fit players like Benni in. Isn't that why Man U have Hargreaves and Fletcher in the team to allow the more creative players to play more?
  12. I'd disagree Paul, Benni is far and away our most skillful player with more ability than most of our squad put together. What makes me smile is that Andrews and Roberts get so much grief for not being good enough yet they give 100% yet Benni who is good enough by quite a long way gets greif for not trying. SO lets sign a player who combines the two. Wayne Rooney perhaps?!?!? (Thats not aimed at you by the way Paul, I appreciate thats not your point.) On the second point, the games I've seen Benni play he has show no sign of sulking, especially in the cup game when he let Kalinic score his first goal in English football. Which shows great team ethic and great sportsman ship. IMO.
  13. As soon as I saw the fixture I thought it would kick off. Didn;t expect that though!!! West Ham and Millwall are nutcases, but the problem is that life bans doesn't really bother a lot of them. I remember the game against the Dingles how many lads from the 80's turned up for that game who had not been to watch Rovers for years. That for me is the problem, you can have years of good nature at a football ground but one game like this drags out the idiots. Again, hopefully it does not happen at the burnley games or at least any trouble stays well away from the ground, normal supporters and the media.
  14. To be fair to Benni the service to him last season was shocking, so it wasn;t all his fault!!!
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