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  1. My Sunderland mate said this about their keeper “Could see that going through, he is a good keeper, got some value but we've a good keeper on the bench now too. Player of the year last year, really dependable, got back into Scotland squad. Dodgy spell this year but could do worse for £500k-£1m”
  2. Mulgrew does deserve more respect. Some views on here I find abhorrent. theres a reason we had 5th best defence at home and worst in the league away, and it isn’t solely Mulgrew. Brad Johnson will make a huge difference.
  3. I work there, it’s hot, few beers and why not. Hoping to see if Hart really has improved, Buckley, Butterworth or JRC if they get some minutes, and same for Walton, Gally, Downing And Johnson. And Big Ben, why not. should also be fun playing spot the trialist for Bury ?
  4. Except for that bit about taking us down to the 3rd tier, with 8 of the players who kept us up comfortably last season.
  5. Prem league spent £1.2bn last summer. Spent £600m so far this year. take £100k a week wage, delay a transfer by 5 weeks, save half a million. transfers are getting later each year because there’s a huge cost saving. Whilst we aren’t dabbling in those numbers, budgets and wages are scaleable. Everyone chill out a bit. Plenty of time left.
  6. Grewy was brilliant in the few games he had for us. Think he came in because Genoe was old and broken and Collier was shit? Then it was Bobby Mimms, who I was dreading but actually did a fantastic job for us before handing over his gloves to Flowers and the rest is history.. One I never took to was John Filan. Just wasn’t good enough.
  7. Hi - I've just been looking to update a couple of away grounds I've been to, but I cannot find it. Has it been removed from the forum?
  8. To be fair, Tomlinson looks a different player already in 2nd half, much improved
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