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[Archived] Paris

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I'm off to Paris for a week with my girlfriend in a fortnight.

Can anyone recommend anywhere to see, other than the well known landmarks?

Any recommended places to go to eat or places to avoid?

Any other tips... ie should I pretend to be Welsh to avoid a potential London 2012 backlash?

Thanks for any help

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Well you'll be find when it comes to the olympic stuff. They did want it but anyone who talks to you about it will say congratulations through their teeth.

Be prepared for hot weather is my first advice. It's been very hot for the past month or so and only going to get hotter, and if it is anything like last August then it's tough to manage.

They have a day long bike tour (in english) of the city which is actually nice. You go in a group of about 6 or 7 with a guide for the afternoon. It's a different way to see the city and I quite enjoyed it, though perhaps if it's your first time you might not be interested.

Make sure you get to the Pompidou Centre, though that is pretty well known, and if you have a bit of money to spend (about 40-50 euros a person) and want to impress your girlfriend with a very romantic evening eat in "George's", which is at the top of the building, which has just about the best view of the city you can find.

For a good night out you can head to the Latin Quarter and simply just walk around and you'll find a good range of bars, pubs and clubs. Also if you walk around there by day you'll see some of the famous sites where the host of famous 20th century American authors wrote during the 1920's, while also seeing some of the oldest parts of the cities (some of the olds walls and buildings still stand).

Other than that I'd say at this time of year just walk around the city and get a taste of Parisian life. The sidewalks will be full of life and just taking a walk and stopping in a café that no one will ever talk about in a guide book beats just about anything, and also makes for a good holiday.

Edit: If you need any help or specific questions just ask, I'll give some more good places to go after I've thought a bit longer, have a nice trip though.

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Dont suppose I can offer any more info than Eddie, but I did spend a weekend there in April, and would recommend the following:

Be wary of sitting down in bars, they charge you extra for it.

Dont get a taxi from the airport, it costs about 50 euros, you can get the train for about 10 euros each.

Use the metro, you can get a days pass for very little, and you can see most of Paris in one day

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Thanks Eddie but I've just found their number on the Pompidou Centre website. Certainly looks swish!

Is the Pompidou Centre filled with different exhibitions and museums? Do you think its possible to spend a whole day in there or just a couple of hours?

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Certainly possible to spend an entire day. It's all modern art but there will be the main collections as well as exhibitions. On top of that they have possibly the best library in Paris, though I doubt that would interest you. Though if you need internet access or want to watch a bit of tv stop in there and you can.

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Certainly use public transportation.

Jim J, what bars did you go to where they charge you to sit down? Got a bit screwed there.


They were near our hotel, which was near the Gard Du Nord.

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That actually reminds me that when you are there the fair in the tuilleries will still be running. It's a nice way to spend a day as well, especially in nice weather with a pretty girl.


Where are the Tuilleries and what are they?

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Will be going on my own in Sept, so will be keeping an eye on this thread!


Wouldn' happen to be here september 11th for a meet up for the game would you? biggrin.gif

The tuilleries is a garden right next to place de la concorde and during june and august they set up a fair ground. There is always a ferris wheel there that gives you a good view of the city, though be warned, it gets a bit bumpy at the top! The rides are pretty decent at the fair and it makes for a good night. Plus if you walk just down the road and are in the mood for clubbing one of the cheapest clubs around is just down the road. If you want a more detailed guide to the actual nightlife though I could give you tips on any specific bars or clubs if that is the sort of thing you think you'll be doing as well.

Depending on whether you want this trip to be visiting famous sites or just having a nice relaxing week in Paris I could say there are some other good places to visit. For another nice day out the parc de saint cloud, which I mentioned in the festival thread, is just outside of the city on heights overlooking it, meaning that if you go to the edge of the park you get a magnificent view. It's fairly easy to get to by train, and would set you back 2.70 from the city centre to get to.

The day tour to the sewers are quite interesting, and if you can get in the catacombs they are really a different and interesting thing, though make sure the lady doesnt mind seeing lots of skulls.

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i recommend piere- lachaise (sp?) cemetary where Jim Morrison & Edith Piaf are buried.

I like Pigalle, quite a lively part of the city similar to Soho in London. Beware the English looking pubs round there are usually brothels though.

As someone said in tourist areas you'll get charged more in a bar if you sit down, if you go a bit off the beaten track this isn't so commonplace.

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Hadn't seen that, looks interesting.

Pigalle...there's a place I wouldn't go! haha.

Perre Lachaise is interesting, but you have to like that sort of thing.


Whats wrong with Pigalle? ph34r.gif

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Pigalles great if you keep your wits about you. Lots of people tryin to rip you off etc, lots of hookers, brothels and seedy clubs. all round fun really.

Last time i went we went to Seine Saint Denis. Thats somewhere not to take your girl.

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