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[Archived] Ben Thatcher

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probably feels that now his career has gone down the pan, he might as well get some compo.

time wasting idiot if you ask me

You're probably right but it just highlights how many times he has got away with this in the past. There's four incidents that I've seen/read about - Welch incident, Nicky Summerbee, Mendes and he apparently did it in preseason in China too.

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Yeah, a pre-season FRIENDLY and the Chinese player ended up in hospital with a collapsed lung! (This was according to SSN).

Ban him for life. It's one thing having career threatening incidents, but life-threatening????

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Banned for 8 matches and a further 15 match ban suspended for two years. I wonder if the second ban will get triggered if the Ralph Welch incident gets proved to be deliberate?

City are appealing Dabo's red card at Reading- I don't know if the ban would start after their game against us anyway. Anyone see that red card incident?

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Hmmm....Rio Ferdinand got an eight month ban for stupidly missing a drug test because he forgot about it and went shopping instead.

Ben Thatcher, a guy with a history of violence on the field, gets what....a six week ban? shouldn't be much more...for a pre-mediated assault on a player which could have easily caused permanent damage and put him in hospital.

Am I the only one who thinks that is potty? :huh:

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