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  1. There are two reasons I don't subscribe anymore myself, IE and DRM. IE content means I can't use a decent browser, and DRM means I can't watch the videos my preferred way. Why would I want windows on my TV? If I could use opera, and watch the vids via xbmc I'd subscribe, as there was some quality stuff for members
  2. Although wiki is only right now because I edited the article after verifying that stuwilkys goals/games ratio was right. So at the time you refer to, stu was right and wiki (and therefore also West Sussex Wikker) was wrong.
  3. It's now updated. Time to give Nonda his thread back perhaps
  4. This is just another example of why wikipedia can't be trusted 100% as it is userbased. While I do trust Stuwilky more than some random wiki user, I don't know the numbers myself for certain so I wont edit the article.
  5. That's true, I remember at the time I saluted GS for this, as I had hopes for Dunn as a future player after the Lillestrøm friendly in 99. First Rovers player I spoke to as well, he seemed a really nice lad at the time He even got number 8 after Kevin the Great! Also true, although after Brian Kidds succesful destruction of Rovers, I put no trust in his judgement of players There's probably more, but Jansen strikes me as the only good player he brought in. Gillespie too. Probably more as he had over a whole year to waste Jacks money, but Kidds preferred 11s during his time strikes me as the worst ever teams during my around 15 years as a Rovers supporter Your memory is probably better than mine as I can't remember why they fell out with each other, but I think you may be right. Still, I think this would probably not happen with another manager, as we all know GS made quite a habit of falling out with players. Giving Cole away for free after buying him for 7.5m (or so?) was the peak of his arrogancy with the players.
  6. While I supported Souness when he was our manager (and I admit I was wrong), I don't think you can blame Dunn for falling out with GS, as several of the players did the same during his last years.
  7. Hello Nice to see someone else actually remembers Although it's a long time ago, the memories are great. A genius who will hopefully stay for a long time and continue his miracles. The better he does it, the sooner he'll replace Fergie though Heaven! At last we actually get some points too Probably amongst other things due to the uefa cup, also the low standard of the refs haven't exactly helped us either. Then there's several injuries, but of course that's part of the game Brett Emerton has become this seasons surprise hero, many wanted him out before the season, then he started playing as right back and is a completely different player. Hence Bert Mk2. Morten Gamst Pedersen on the other hand has not lived up to expectations this year. We've all seen he can do so much better. The population of Blackburn is extremely low compared to most other areas with PL teams, so there's not as many potential attenders. It is also because of overseas fans as myself who are selfish enough not to live close enough to the ground. Some people will blame Sky as well, but that doesn't make it different for Rovers than other clubs. Actually I think it's great to see you up in the PL, and I hope you stay for a while. 2-1 Rovers. McCarthy and Bentley for us, you get awarded a penalty for Ooijer looking at one of your players Although none of us except Jim was born at the time, we're proud to be the only existing club to have won the FA Cup three times in a row
  8. Are we trying to reunite the whole relegation team of 99?
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