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[Archived] Football Manager 2007 Patch Released

Guest Kamy100

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If you have been following discussion on the SI forums in regards to the last patch, you would know that it created a key bug that forced the company to release a new patch yesterday.

7.0.1 Updated Changelist (for build 92685)

- Fixed problem when in rare circumstances a players contract end date would change when rejecting a contract

- Fixed crash in network game when client selects 'Domestic' in a national team squad screen

- Fixed crash in MLS due to contracts being offered twice

- Fixed problem with certain clubs kits not being displayed correctly

- Fixed random freeze when processing

- Fixed player rejecting contract due to contract length when they were offered the contract they required

- Fixed coach rejecting contract when they were offered the terms they asked for

- Co-ownership deals are now no longer always accepted after being negotiated

- Fixed rare instance of player not accepting or rejecting a contract offer

- Players are now even more less likely to accept a wage drop

- Added a few smaller contract tweaks

- Staff are now less likely to accept shorter contract lengths on the same wage


- Added Feeder Clubs

- Added read only unique id fields

- Added Is Covered and Has Undersoil Heating fields to Stadium Panel

- Fixed not being able to enter negative club balances

- Number fields now auto select all text when tabbing to them

- Fixed swapping between Ascended/Descended sorting

- Swapping two teams will now also swap their nation

(PC download)

(Mac download)

Enjoy. Finally I can play the game because I haven't touched it until it now, waiting for the game to be fixed and properly updated.

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