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[Archived] City Sign Bianchi

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Silenzi was hardly Italy's first choice centre forward, he's got one cap. Talk about rewriting history.. Highly doubt he'd cost £2m if he was Italy's first choice forward, with players like Baggio, Signori and Zola behind him. Anyway, Italian and English football has improved since then, the difference between the two cultures isn't as big as it once was.

£5m for Chopra sounds like absolute insanity to me, it's such a big outlay.

I stand corrected on Silenzi

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hmmm this is a difficult one.

with all forigners who have no experiance of english football it could go either way.

there are no guarantees that despite all of his pedigree,torres is going to be a revaltion,and the same goes for this italian chap.

but recent goalscoring pedigree in another country counts for very little in my opinion.his previous seasons returns arnt outstanding,and could be an italian marcus stewart or micheal rickets.

with foreign players it normally all depends on if they can hit the ground running or not like mccarthy did.if mccarthy didnt score in his first 10 games say,it would have become difficult for him to even hit 10 goals for the season for the fact that foreigners then start to get homesick etc etc and find the culture and weather a problem.however if they are banging in the goals left right and centre the weather and homesickness arnt a problem,for instance mccarthy has lived away from his family all season but as he was scoring and doing well for the team there was no problem.

basically what i am saying is noone can say that one thing or another will make a foreigner with no previous english football experiance a good or bad signing before he has kicked a ball.and this is especially true with strikers,and all clubs have had sucsessful and unsucsessful foreign striker signings,and the unsuccsesful strikers that have moved on have gone on to do well in other countries.

on the chopra topic,it is such a panic signing.im surprised at keane to be honest,but maybe thats a bit of managerial inexperinace?.why o why do so many promoted championship teams sign championship players and expect to stay up?!

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The MEN this year reported all the youngsters at City's academy were rebelling against Pearce cos of his policy of making too many foreign naff signings and not giving them chance...Has anything changed for them now he's gone?

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Actually I'll take the bet on Bianchi v.s Nugent next season.


according to a lad i know, who works for city, they are/ were frantically trying to hiijack pompey's deal, so they might be playing together.

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Italian Forwards have a good track record of not scoring goals...

It is what Serie A is all about. Below are the only Italians to score 10 or more goals in a Prem season.

Zola 13

Di Canio 14

Ravenelli 16

Vialli 11

This is correct as far as I know.

Mr Shearer once got 34.........o happy dayz.

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Yet another failed Italian signing in the making, although I doubt he's as bad as Grabbi. Saying that, anyone remember Andri Silenzi? Forest signed him early 90's when he was Italy's first choice centre forward and he did precicely nothing!

Some of the recent transfers are getitng ridiculous. £5M for koumas, £6M for Kamara and all these french nased players for big money that nobody has even heard of!

"If he is an Italian international then the other 22 players must have been injured"-Alan Hansen :lol:

Collectors Item 1: Silenzi scores in 1999!

Well those clips are infinately more valuable than those commerative Princess Di figurines or plates with pictures of tigers on that are always advertised in the Sunday magazines.

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This guy has all the hallmarks of Grabbi Mark II. £8.7M.

Frank Sinatra's going to be a lot poorer is Sven carries on like this...

He seems to me to be a 5ft 10" ponce .....

All hail the MB Nostradamus.

Who will Sven sign next having closely examined the Serie A Opta Statello figures for two weeks?

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