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[Archived] Gutted - Missed Motd?

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Last nights MoTD

Ars v WBA

I may be wrong but Arsenal do not have that awesome air about them.

WBA.. Dunno. They hardly got a mention on TV.

Boro v Spurs.

1. Too many violinists in Spuds midfield and not enough bricklayers.

2. I have Boro down to be a top half team this season and yesterdays performance showed them in good light. Wheater suffered from Big Club refereeing bias with a ludicrously disallowed goal but they still looked in command most of the time.

3. Mido has slimmed down considerably. If he keeps the weight off he can be a very good player

Bolton v Stoke

Early days but Stoke looked out of their depth.

Bolton will be big and raw opposition again. :rolleyes:

Everton v BRFC

1. BRFC were comfortable against an Everton side who oddly appeared stale. I think a repeat of 5th will be way beyond them this season.

2. v Breda I thought Dunny looks considerably 'lighter'. Good work if so cos his fitness and stamina is his Achilles heel.

3. Minus point. A concern was not that Robinson boobed with Arteta's free kick from wide but the distance that he was from it. Arteta could have been 5 yards wider and still scored.

4. Sh1t stirring editing shot mischievously from RSC straight to the old RFW in the stands.

Hull v Fulham

1. Fulham who seemed on top in the early stages were ultimately victims to promoted club enthusiasm. Lets hope we don't suffer similarly next wk.

2. Konchesky's (Warnocks 'replacement in some reports) howler gifted Hull the points.

Sunderland v Lpool

1. Early days yet but Keane and Torres might prove to too similar.

2. Hansen and Shearer said that they have no quality out wide in their squad. Obviously neither are admirers of Pennants abilities.

WHU v Wigan

1. Bruce appears to have taken to the Wigan T Cakes admirably.

2. Lets hope Ashtons goals are enough to keep Spurs on his trail and off RSC's should Berbatov depart.... although he really does seem to be injury prone.

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Makes for good reading, theno, a nice change to the MOTD pundits!

I think Wheater may be sniffing around for an England call up in the near future. OK, he scored an own goal at the end, but the guy's a bruiser and seems to come up with a goal or two every so often. With Lescott looking off the pace and Upson in there for some bizarre reason, I think Wheater has a good chance.

I agree, I think he's a very solid player. He holds that back together well and comes up with the odd goal now and then. He played tons of minutes last year too. Just unlucky to have the day he did yesterday with the own goal.

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