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[Archived] Help Please :-)

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Basically I want to make a jigsaw for my brother out of a picture of a box of tic tacs. He is currently serving in Iraq and its a personal joke between us and for him to receive several letters off me, each containing a bit of a box of tic tacs would be a huge moral booster for him.

Now this is where one of the lovely people of TFF can help me, my cutting skills are non-existent and its just a mess when I do it. So I was wondering if someone could cut this picture


into several pieces and then send me each one, or zip them up and host them on a website like rapidshare, reason being is that I send letters online where I can upload pictures and he then gets them printed out on his side.

I would be very appreciative of the person if they could do it for me.

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Try this dude:


(I think i may have made too many though)

Thankyou for the effort to going to make that for me but It would take an age to send that bit by bit :lol:

Cheers though I apperciate it

How about this one - it's in proper jigsaw shapes. Let me know if you want the individual pieces or just the layered psd file.


Thats spot on that :D

Could I have each indivual piece if possible please?

Thank you very much

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Wouldn't go down to well, he's a member of the dark side :lol:

Even more of a reason. Would just go to show that even us knowing that he belongs to those who's name shalt not be spoken we still support him and his mates in what they are doing :rover:

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