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[Archived] The Transfer Window


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Abolish it in my opinion, it only helps the big clubs.

The big clubs have money to spend and can afford to splash out in January giving them an advantage, poorer clubs have to rely on shifting players out first and making sure they have someone available to come in before they sell. It just makes a frantic panic buy situation with players being priced out of moves or mediocre players moving for ludicrous sums.

I believe the window was brought in to try and bring some stability to the league so players were not constantly on the move and so that managers could try and concentrate on other things. This clearly isn't working though, a much better solution would be as Arsene Wenger said making players league tied in the same way that they are cup tied, then they can only play for one club in the same league each season. This would stop players constantly on the move and at least managers would know where they stand from the start

The way things are at the moment I don't see a need for any window, in the least it should be extended until March.

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Does anyone feel the American style draft system could be beneficial to the Premier League? I'm not a huge follower of American sports so i'm not sure whether it would or not but a few of my American friends have mentioned how it's benefited the American Sports by making the leagues more competitive and also the opportunity for teams to compete for the titles when pre-draft it would never have been possible.

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I don't know - there are bargains to be had with players who have fallen out of things with their current clubs. Diouf and Givet are examples of that. Also if you change your manager it makes sense to have a chance forhim to make the most of things.

If we just had the summer it would be much more intense dealing. A set of longterm injuries would give you no chance for replacements.

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