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[Archived] Fa Cup Final

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Annoyingly, that little get, Ashley Cole, has equalled our Jimmy Forrest's record of five winners medals. This probably holds no significance to him or his Russian benefactor.

At least Rovers still hold the longest unbeaten record in the competition though.

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The cup final today just didnt have the English Cup Final feeling.

It might change next season as Rovers grace the hallowed turf :rolleyes:

hasn't for a while IMO 1864 - not since th build up's have disappeared, the FA Cup songs ( terrible as they where)

funnily enough this is something I hope for at the beginning of every season - always a dream (as I'm sure it is /was for many clubs fans), allied with see in the Rovers in a semi final at a NEUTRAL ground ala the Chelski game - ARE YOU READING THIS FA??


Is it the New Wembley or the ITV crappy sound - did the old roar when the cup was raised sound pretty pathetic just then?

I thought it was just me - had a feeling more like pre season tournament game -

Overall didn't think it was a bad game but neither was it brilliant - just showed up the glaring defiencies and set ups of how teams outside the top 4 perform nowadays (have to perform) and what football has turned into - score one goal try and defend it - Everton (especially without Arteta) where lost once Chelsea equalised as they didn't know what to do from their standard (set in stone) tactics.

Shame really

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The Cup Final used to be the highlight of any season. As a kid it was great, football stuff on telly all day from about half nine till five in the evening. BBC Grandstand had Cup Final Mastermind, Cup Final It's a knockout, Cup Final Alas Smith and Jones etc (Correct me if I 'm wrong and these are still on-I stopped watching it about ten years ago). In 1981 the week before the cup final, I went to hospital to have a hernia operated on (I was 13) and begged them to let me out before the weekend so I could watch Spurs and Man City in final on Saturday. Was great, I got loads of sympathy, Mum got me a shedload of packets of Monster Munch and Wotsits, and bottles of fizzy Vimto etc and had a whale of a time watching a great match.

I digress though. In summary, The Cup final used to be ace, now it's crap.

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Taken from the BBC:

But Hiddink could be fined £50 after being caught on camera smoking a cigar in Chelsea's Wembley dressing room on Saturday. (Daily Mirror)

Whats wrong with a victory cigar!

And this:

Chelsea players celebrated their Wembley triumph on Saturday with a night out and left the FA Cup in a bin liner. (Daily Star)

desperate for a trophy and what do they do with it, I wonder where they left it?

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