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[Archived] 2 Tickets Vs Villa

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When I see things like this I become very proud of being a Rovers supporter.

And I have to tell about Roverthemoon on this messageboard who where a fantastic nice person to give me the opportunity to go the Stoke Away game last season. This game was only for the ST-holders and being Norwegian I don't have a ST.

After giving a request if anyone could help me buy tickets for the game - people where very friendly and tried to help me. Roverthemoon got me a ticket - and he didnt even want me to pay for it! Talk about generousity! I will forever be greatful for this hospitality and fellowship.

Whenever I've been to Ewood Park / JJB / Britannia - Rovers supporters are the nicest people I've ever met. They seem to appreciate that us from Norway picked another team than Lpool/Scum/Chelsea or Arsenal.

I become more and more proud of supporting this well-run, well-behaved and superior football club!

I know this is off-topic, but I had to say it and I think many many should think about this when complaining about buying players from here and there.


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I will be in Paris for the Villa game, so want to give my tickets away. They are for the Darwin end so no reserved seating. Ideally i want the tickets to go too fans who maybe can't afford to go for whatever reason or a charity etc. will PM the person who i pick to get there address.

I'm a season ticket holder so don't need these tickets, but fair play to you bringing football back to the fans. Hope these go to someone who will enjoy them.

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Wow this is a very nice gesture and as other people have written It also makes me very proud to be a Rovers fan. I use to be a season ticket holder 2 years ago but in all the cost of tickets and travelling from slough (over 4 hours) week in week out took its toll on my bank account! If I could get the tickets I'd be very much obliged as it'd mean Id only have to pay for the train tickets. If I dont gt the tickets I wont be gutted, just glad that this opportunity has been given to other fans :)

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are the tickets a card, or are they a actual ticket? someone that i know is climbing mount kilimangaro (sp), they are having a charity auction of anything that they can get their hands on really. the money is going to the charity scope. so if they are tickets that can be auctioned off i would gladly pass them on to them.

http://www.garstangcourier.co.uk/news/Atta...enge.5588462.jp that is the paper article from my local area.


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