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[Archived] Dunny And Higgy

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Thought this deserved its own thread. Who is going down tonight? According to onerovers only 110 tickets have gone out of the 300. I expected this to be quite popular as a build up to Sunday. Anyone here planning to just pay tonight? I’ve never been in Blues Bar – is there a dress code or is it just casual?

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First time I've been to one of these - and I thought it was an excellent night. Craig Hignett is hilarious. Loads of great stories about his time at Rovers and a few from the times he roomed with Gazza at Middlesboro. Dunn seemed well up for Sunday and he said the players know how much it means to the fans. Dunn told a couple of stories - the funniest were when Souness wouldn't let him go out for James Beatties birthday and one involving a journalist at Birmingham. His impression of Steve Bruce was outstanding. When we were leaving Dunny was pulling the wipers off Higgys car. Higgy comes flying over - 'Leave it Dunny, How did you know it was my car?' His number plate said Higgy on it. Dunn said he'd been watching clips from the last game on youtube, and he's also had a text from Simon Garner this week. 'You better beat those ....' Don't think Dunn said what the last word was - but you could work it out.

Best story of the night for me was from Hignett. He was on a golf day at Loch Lomond with some other footballers. Suddenly this old banger comes driving across the course, straight past them, and drives straight into the loch. Then someone gets out and swims to the side and comes walking over - it was Gazza. 'I've left my clubs in the car' and he goes back to get them. He'd bought an old car just so he could do that. Brilliant.

Both spoke of the great team spirit in the side that got promoted. Dunn said the best defender, midfielder and striker he'd played with as Berg, Duff and Jansen. They forgot all about Tugay - who they later nominated as the most skilful player they'd played with. Hignett said Duff was the best player he'd ever played with.

Dunn said he'd not been offered a new deal yet - but definitely wanted to stay. Dunn also said he hoped he'd be taking any penalties on Sunday - and Craig Hignett seemed very interested in the 12-1 for Dunn for first goal when I spoke to them.

Hignett said him and Alan Kelly used to laugh at Brad Friedel. He never steps on a line in the box, has to make a square walking round his penalty spot and had to walk with his back to the wall when coming out of the changing room. He also liked having everything perfectly straight, so they used to mess his towels up and stuff just to annoy him. Apparently he has OCD which I didn’t realise.

All in all - an excellent night for just a fiver! Really got me in the mood for Sunday.

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A really enjoyable evening. Higgy's such a great storyteller it took a bit for Dunny to warm up but he had a couple of great stories about Souness and when he went on a pre-season tour when he signed for Birmingham. Also funny when Dunny was describing the set up of the away stand at Burnley with the dressing room underneath so you could hear the Rovers fans for hours before kickoff - he couldn't help but start laughing as he explained how the stand was wooden. :lol:

Would be great to get Dunny back after he retires, as he felt he couldn't go as far as he could with still playing for Rovers, but still an enjoyable evening all the same.

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