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[Archived] 6 Year Old Missing After Home Made Hot Air Balloon Ride!

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This really is crazy and scary stuff like something right out of a film. A 6 year old in Colarado has gone missing after flying away in a helium balloon his dad made. The balloon has landed with no sign of the boy, they think he fell out :(

The video's are insane he went up to serious speeds and height.



Hope he is found OK

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Sounds like they have read "The Wasp Factory" by Iain Banks.

The narrator kills a relative by "acidentally" entwining them in a huge kite and sending off from Scotland towards Sweden.

But I very much doubt my first sentance.

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It turns out that the kid was right. The local plod are now going to charge the dad with something as it was all made up. The dad is some nut job who is after his 15 minutes of fame.

The media are loving this complete non news story now, they're even talking about taking the kids away from their parents. Anything to fill 24 long hours with.

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