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[Archived] Who Would Be Damaged More By Relegation?

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Prestige wise definately Blackburn Rovers as we are prior winners of the League and we have a massive wage structure that has to be taken into account.

As for Burnley I don't think much damage would be made of it, as Burnley as are probably well prepared for it and know that it is more or less inevitable, also their wage structure is still hovering around Championship levels...

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It will always hurt us more because of the wage structure.

A massive question for us though is whether our lack of spending is due to contigency in case we get relegated, or if we are struggling as it is without taking that into account.

If it is the latter we are in massive trouble if we go down. Probably the only saleable players are Samba, Givet, Kalinic, NZonzi, maybe Robinson. We will have Chimbonda, Nelsen, Grella, Emerton on massive wages who we will find hard to shift. On current form only NZonzi and Samba would fetch much cash.

Only chink of light is we do have some kids who could do well in the Championship (Olsson, Hoilett if we manage to sign him up, Judge, Nzonzi if we keep him, Jones, Treacy if we call him back, Bunn) and we do have quite a few conracts expiriing.

I doubt either of us would be coming back up in a hurry.

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I think Rovers would feel the damage more, we pay higher wages and rely heavily on the premier league money to pay for them. You would think that some players would be offloaded but there is no guarantee that would happen, if they refuse to go then the financial drain would be huge. No gurantee for Rovers to come straight up either, look at Leeds, Forest, Charlton and Southampton. I bet they all thought they would bounce back quickly.

If Burnley go down they could cope.

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