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[Archived] 1st and 2nd Half Tables


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Have just found this and thought it made interesting reading. How can we be so much worse in the 2nd half than the 1st

First Half PL Table PWDLFAGDPTS1Chelsea9720120+12232Manchester United9630102+8213Blackburn Rovers945051+4174Wolverhampton Wanderers951363+3165Aston Villa943276+1156Arsenal935184+4147Birmingham City935142+2148Sunderland926132+1129Manchester City92523301110Newcastle United932478-11111Bolton Wanderers91714401012Everton924345-11013Blackpool9315610-41014Tottenham Hotspur916267-1915Fulham923446-2916Wigan Athletic915325-3817West Bromwich Albion915337-4818West Ham United922538-5819Liverpool905416-5520Stoke City9018110-91Second Half PL Table PWDLFAGDPTS1Manchester City961295+4192Chelsea9531132+11183Stoke City953193+6184Arsenal9513136+7165West Bromwich Albion9432108+2156Tottenham Hotspur935151+4147Newcastle United941475+2138Liverpool9342880139Everton926153+21210Fulham933365+11211Bolton Wanderers92619901212Manchester United9252101001113Sunderland92525501114Blackpool9324710-31115Birmingham City9324610-41116Wigan Athletic9234511-6917West Ham United922549-5818Aston Villa915327-5819Wolverhampton Wanderers9117212-10420Blackburn Rovers903639-6

that hasnt copied how i wanted it to can so will post the link insteaad


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Interesting (and very worrying) stats there.

Also interestingly Stoke, who many people compare us to, are the exact opposite of us. They're bottom of the 1st half table and 3rd in the 2nd half table.

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Just shows how we sit back after in the second half when we get a lead. We are third in the first half table and bottom in the second half. Another interesting stat is we have had the second least amount of shots in the league.

I know there is a saying "Lies, damned lies, and statistics", but in this case these stats paint an accurate picture.

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It would also be interesting to find out how many of the 2nd half goals conceded came within the 1st 5 minutes of the re-start....seems like it happens all the time. :angry2:

Not many but in the first 15 mins of the second half there have been a fair few:

Goals scored against us in the first 15 mins of the second half:

Liverpool- 48th minute.

Liverpool- 53rd minute.

Stoke- 48th minute.

Villa- 59th minute.

Fulham- 56th minute.

Man City- 55th minute.

Arsenal- 51st minute.

Brum- 57th minute.

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Allardyce comes down from the stands, second half, and starts bellowing out tactics etc - could be a possible factor. Thats one obvious difference between the two halves.

Maybe we could handcuff him to his seat in the first half & leave him there with his earpiece & a cup to pee in until full time.

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