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[Archived] These Should Be In Ewood Park

Guest Walshy

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Just wanted to add something else which would help generate more money for the club.

As well as doing the above, they could do what the American's do at the baseball etc and provide drinks during the game. They could come over to you whenever you want a refill.

Oh no!

It's bad enough with people leaving early or coming late forcing us to stand and rubber-neck so we can watch the game without soft drink sellers parading up and down.

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Ive noticed someone has mentioned it to Onerovers on Twitter and this is their response

OneRovers Blackburn Rovers


@davidmcorrigan We have looked into the multi pourer system as in newer stadias, however the costs are currently too prohibitive.


I posted that on Twitter yesterday, looks like someone is trying to steal my thunder!!! And I am going to try to be the ambassador for this product to try and get it installed in Ewood

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Good find that Walshy lad. It's a shame it's too expensive to implement. We're not too bad with the ques in the top tier but down below it's ruddy ridiculous!!

Is it too expensive? How much do these things cost? Are the club not just being cheapskates or shortsighted on this one? Surely it'll pay itself back in reduced ques over time.

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