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  1. This back three we have are playing together superbly. Right-footed Lenihan is enjoying the other two alongside him. Van Hecke is great in the middle. Left-footed Wharton plays with so much maturity. His loan spells have done him good. We look so solid now. I'd keep it this way with Ayala on the bench.
  2. I want a tie where Rovers can progress to the 4th round. So no Prem sides please. Away to a lower league side would do me.......NOT Wigan. I think we'd come a cropper there.
  3. I love watching our young hungry lads. Long may it continue. By the way, I thought PNE played quite well. No idea why their fans are complaining.
  4. Tyrone, you are old enough to know football doesn't work like that. I've heard the Boro game has been moved to Monday night on Sky
  5. Oh baby! Oh baby! Then it fell apart, fell apart.
  6. Bloody Rooney! Can't organise a booze up in a brewery. Hell, I feel for the Derby fans tonight (only tonight).
  7. As a "Mowbray Out" man I must admit that I'm almost beginning to sit on the fence. I wish Tony all the best and I will be highly delighted if he continues to improve the team. We'll see what happens.
  8. In a way it reminds me of our great Prem days where we won most games with him in and were struggling most games with him out. Who? Mark Atkins.
  9. At last Safari seems to have sorted itself out. I now get the Ads and can see and use the X in the corner. I have also cleared the Quote reply. Things back to normal. Thanks to Herbie and Stubbs for your efforts. I did try Chrome which showed the site in a completely different format and there was no problem there. Thanks again bazza
  10. I'll try Chrome sometime. Earlier today there was an Ad at the bottom of the page on the topic Stoke Away. (Actually it has just appeared now whilst I am typing) It would not go but occasionally disappeared for a split second and then returned. I couldn't get rid of it. I cannot get rid of the quote reply beneath it either. Now, as I type, the Ad has gone but still cannot clear the Quote 1 post
  11. Regarding the snow at Turf Moor, in the old days, if the ground wasn't too frozen, the snow would be cleared from the lines and the match would go ahead with an orange ball. If the ground was solidly frozen, the match would be postponed.
  12. Uncle Jack's second dream is coming true, believe it or not. Rovers' first team is made up of mainly youth team youngsters having come through and made the grade. Nyambe, Lenihan, Wharton, Carter, Travis, Buckley, Rankin-Costello, Davenport and Butterworth with Garrett waiting in the wings. Also we have Dolan who came to join our under 23s and young Pickering from the great Crewe set-up. Yes, Uncle Jack would have a beaming smile.
  13. Now is the perfect time for Waggott to make the PNE game £20 per ticket and under 13s free. Then we'd get 20,000 or more.
  14. I have never turned an adblocker on. I found something in preferences re this site. Blockers are off and pop-up windows are allowed but it makes no difference. Incidentally my Safari version is 15.1
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