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  1. Who are the two commentators on BBC for Spain/Poland? Just found out . Horrible co-commentator. Danny Murphy. Yuk
  2. Scotland to England is like kryptonite to superman. Don't worry, we'll be back to normal against the Czechs.
  3. Jim, is your surname by any chance Davies, Evans or Jones?
  4. On second thoughts, the ref's decision is the problem and not the VAR in this instance. Still hate VAR.
  5. VAR is an absolute joke. If I were the Croatia captain I'd have taken my team off the field. The beautiful game is ruined.
  6. Same in Spain. There's a town called Sagunto in the Valencian region. The "O" is regularly crossed out on most signs by people who want the Valenciano name, "Sagunt".
  7. What are the odds on Brentford coming in for him this summer after making a massive profit on the sale of Ivan Toney? And BB Diaz keeping them up in the Prem?
  8. Gorbachev was a good guy. Leave off.
  9. Silly statement. Should not have posted this with current vaccination phobia in the north west at this time.
  10. At last. The elephant in the room has been seen.
  11. Just finished listening. I know I'm late. Thanks to Herbie and all the others. These podcasts are the highlight of my social media. Love them. Keep them coming.
  12. Watkins and Saka impressed me Off topic
  13. Left is either Vernon or Douglas. Middle is either Ken Taylor or Tommy Johnstone. Looks like McGrath or Dave Whelan in the background. I think it's Douglas, Johnstone, Whelan. I think The Valley held about 75 thousand in those days. And the Charlton player could be either Eddie Firmani or George Robledo. Couldn't have been Robledo. He played for Newcastle Utd.
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