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  1. He may not be a nasty bastard on the field but he needs a skin twice as thick as a rhinoceros to withstand all that's said about him on social media. Why does a footballer need to be a nasty b.....? I think Travis is trying to be one and gets himself and the team into trouble for it.
  2. I think Reed himself wanted to play for a club with real Prem aspirations. That's why he didn't want us.
  3. I'd love to see Rotherham escape relegation at the expense of "big club".
  4. Tony wouldn't trust Harrison Reed to play against a top team either.
  5. We see so many mistakes that lead to goals by defenders trying to play it out from the back. Even Rovers, Kaminski etc., have been nearly found out doing this. Contrast that to England's first 2 goals v Spain in Seville in 2019 when Pickford boots the ball upfield to Harry Kane. There is a time to play it out from defence and a time to clear the lines and players need to learn to tell the difference, especially goalkeepers.
  6. Who? Tomasewski or Peter Bonetti? The first was to Brian Clough. The second was to me.
  7. My team, a 4-1-3-2 Pears Nyambe Lenihan Kaminski Downing Rothwell Elliott Dack Brereton Branthwaite Harwood-Bellis Millwall will be like rabbits in the headlights. They won't know what hit them.
  8. Empty stadium or not, it's quite remarkable that last season's run-away champions have lost 5 consecutive home games for the first time in their long history. Totally gob-smacking.
  9. Come from Everton. I wonder if Branthwaite saw what was taking place and complained to TM that it wasn't good enough and not what they do at Everton.
  10. Let's beat Doncaster to getting the Cowley Bros signed up.
  11. Sounds like Wednesday were pushing for a winner and Rotherham broke away from a Wednesday corner and scored.
  12. That's what makes me so depressed. Venkys haven't a clue how to structure a football club properly after they destroyed the structure under John Williams. Even Blackpool have turned the corner owner-wise. We may finish up worse than Notts County.
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