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  1. Another abject performance. We are never going to improve under this clown.
  2. Aug 92 won 2-0 away, Jan 93 lost 5-2 home Sept 95 won 5-1 home, Dec 95 lost 5-0 away Anyway, 2-1 to Rovers tomorrow.
  3. I remember a Prem League game when Bobby Gould brought his Coventry side to Ewood and played us off the park. We lost 5-2, I think.
  4. We played ok tonight but were outclassed by a far better team; unlike the previous 4 games when we should have won.
  5. Just wait for 2nd half. We are going to murder them. They won't know what's hit them. 5-2😀
  6. Ref just will not blow when they persistently foul us. But as soon as Arma shoulder charges their CB...........Peeeeep. Bloody refs!!!!
  7. Last time Evans started he was so slow that he lost the ball, stretched to try and retrieve it and got carried off injured. No more of that please Cory.
  8. I'm afraid any attempt at communicating with our owners will be futile. It just will not reach them. They are stuck in their ivory tower. I hope and pray that they will, at some stage, realise that a football club cannot exist without supporters and that owners need to have a two-way communication with the supporters. Only then will we be able to present our views. How many years now? The wait goes on.
  9. I agree with you. He isn't what we want. And he isn't what you want either.😅
  10. John Byrom is a legend to Bolton supporters, too. One of their greats.
  11. That makes me want to stick my head in the gas oven. I'd better not though. I'll burn my cheeks. It's an electric oven.
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