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  1. Biggest concern about this management for me, think back to: Amari Bell on his debut vs Scunthorpe, 2-2 (December 2017) Joe Rothwell vs Derby, 1-0 (2019) and basically every appearance in 2018-2019. Lewis Travis vs WBA, 2-0 (NYD, 2019) and basically every appearance in 2018-2019 Bradley Johnson back at the start of last season (and this). Sam Gallagher under Coyle. Harvey Elliott and Tyrhys Dolan in August/Spetember. Even (to a lesser extent) Thomas Kaminski from the first half of this season compared to now. Darragh Lenihan, in general. What is the
  2. Armstrong knows you're allowed to round the goalkeeper? Seriously.
  3. Hmmm, I wonder if that left winger for Rovers would make a okay #9?
  4. Serious question: Name a worse manager in English football that currently has a job. I'll wait.
  5. That was not my intended... however as fact/luck would have it we've won 2 games in 12 weeks and he is sitting there pretty fucking immune. No doubt he'll get the 2 wins to grant him a cushy 12 week summer... With the (bullshit) "clean slate" in August. Priority #1 for me (and everyone here) is we stay up... however if that doesn't come with Mowbray being removed as manager, we're just putting the rubber stamp on relegation next year.
  6. I fully agree, it doesn't... But come on, you've been around here the entire Mowbray era to see how even 1 win grants him 6+ weeks immunity. If we win 3, heck even 2 games with some draws going forward this season, Mowbray will be untouchable... and that WILL lead to relegation next season I 100% believe. We agree he has to go, I even think I was the first person on here to call for his dismissal over 2 1/4 years ago. Fact is a draw - against 4th bottom with what will be 4 games to go, a 4 point cushion and an "untouchable" +21 GD "bonus point" - is a satisfactory result all rou
  7. To use your Russian Roulette analogy... okay, maybe this season we're playing, but with 1 bullet in the revolver, however if Tony wins a couple now - and is here next season - we might as well load the whole damn gun for 2021-2022.
  8. Give me a draw tonight, for 3 reasons. 1) Solidifies this run under Tony as (I believe) the worst manager (form wise) in the clubs history (1 from 16). Another nail in his (already pretty nailed) coffin. (For the good that does). 2) Relegation wise it would actually be a solid result at this stage - with Rotherham losing. 3) BONUS: Keeps Derby same distance below us, costs them a game, and leaves them on the brink of relegation (which i would LOL!) Fully prepared for us to go and get 11 points from 5... and for Mowbray and his delusional fan club to wank bank that upturn of
  9. This shit fucks me off. LAST SUMMER was the pivotal summer... and he well and truly flopped. No, bye. The "give him the next window" mindset is going to take us back to L1. Dino Tony has had EIGHT windows already and has been stealing a living since we went 2-0 up away to Brentford in 2019.
  10. Anybody, and i mean ANYBODY, give me one good reason why we shouldn't support Bournemouth for these last 15 minutes. 3-0, 4-0 or even 5-0. Apart from Ben Pearson... fucking scumbag.
  11. At 30 mins we only had 40% possession, just saw it creep past 51%... Mowbray will get a semi on when he sees that. Gained 11% possession and conceded a soft goal... Journey.
  12. For those that do the "predictor" stuff, how many more points do we "need" to stay up? I assume it we lose the last 7 we won't? Surely NOBODY of sane mind would want us to win too many games /get more points than absolutely needed to avoid relegation, as every Mowbray win feels like it gets him far too much security. Nightmare scenario is we pick up 14+ points from these 7 games and that pleb gets another summer/season. What a dreadful season with a dreadful manager. 1) We MUST stay up and 2) We MUST not allow Mowbray any "momentum" to stay on as Manager beyond May 2021.
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