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  1. Shocking first 63 minutes <> Goal <> Comfortable and composed final 33 minutues. Very fortunate not to be maybe 1 man and certainly 1 or 2 goals behind, but soon as Rothwell scored, we probably should be leaving there 3-0 winners. Big complaint is Buckley not being at a L1 club already. Now to back it up against Luton, QPR and PNE for an infamous and predictably/ultimately pointless Mowbray 4 game win streak.
  2. Lockdown game #37. I probably make today the 25th game Mowbray has escaped a HT/FT booing off the pitch.
  3. Agreed... however if you told me that if Stoke were to win this 5-0 then Mowbray would be sacked/resign... I'd want 5 too.
  4. Another game where Mowbray is saved a chorus of boos from the fans. Stoke, Swansea then Middlesbrough... zero points and zero goals incoming. ... and zero manager accountability.
  5. Can't quite believe how shocking the pitch is. Probably the worst it has been in 25-30 years.
  6. Bet they still turned the power off at Ellend Road for those nail-biting 180 minutes.
  7. Playing behind closed doors has literally gifted Mowbray an additional year+ in charge. He would have been booed off probably 10 times if we were there. Time to walk, and take all your mates, shit coaches and Boro bum boys with you.
  8. LOL Tony. Please make this your last game. Extremely pleased for Dan Pike. He is easily the nicest and most hardworking lad from that crop (Burns, Brennan, Eastham, Whitehall etc)... really hope he gets on.
  9. Bright side... perhaps we are only a few weeks away from this XI: Kaminski Nyambe - Lenihan - Ayala - JRC Dack - Travis - Rothwell Elliott - Armstrong - Brereton ... On the not so bright side, 5 of those XI listed are out of contract in June 🥴
  10. These results are solely on Mowbray and us to break teams down... but my god, Tony Pulis and the like are leaving a legacy of shite on football. Stoke and Rotherham last week, these today. Just with the added long throws and baseball cap. Always been against it, but is it time to trial 60 minute games with the clock stopping. Football shouldn't be about shithousery and time-wasting to the level some teams use it. Maybe I'm just moaning about it because we have never been able to do it. But its every fucking week.
  11. As much as we 100% didn't deserve it... Is there anything more satisfying to watch then a team who have played like time-wasting shithouses for 97 minutes, desperately spirit around in the 98th trying to equalise. I'd have felt bad had we scored in the 81st-94th minute as we were garbage. The fact the game got to 97:40, and they lost, is deserved punishment for (needless) time-wasting anti football. Ps. Mowbray out.
  12. Amazing what happens when you pass instead of shooting on sight Adam. Fair play.
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