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  1. Whilst your maths is clearly correct I am firmly of the other view. Say we broke even at 10,000 fans selling tickets at £20 or £30. (Though we would clearly gain extra fans) Mum or dad brings their young children. Of those extra fans, how many pies, cokes, hotdogs, burgers, scarfs, programmes*, autograph books would they sell... not to mention the alcohol for the parents. It's the short sightedness of ticket sales alone which is what makes Waggott a fucking pleb. Biggest mistake my dad ever made was allowing me and my sister to tag along with him and my uncle to a Rovers game when I was 7... dad wasn't even a fan, just wanted something to do that day and no other team was an option. I was hooked from that day and we've had a season ticket ever since spending £10 every match day. (30 years basically). Not to mention the calalenders, shirts, bedding, clocks, etc I've begged to own. You think my dad would have spent an additional £60* taking his two children to a Rovers game with Waggott Tax? Cheaper tickets = More (young) fans. More young fans = more food, drink, merchandise sold. Young fans get hooked, fall in love, and beg to come back... spend money. Or we have Plan B. Charge £30.
  2. All about opinions I guess... but please share 2 CM's who you think are of worse ability than Smallwood, *who played over 50 games for Rovers in the past 35 years*. (No Etuhu, Murphy, etc who didn't make it to 30 games ish.) I'm sure the popular answers will be Andrews and Lowe. But I would stand by my opinion that Smallwood was the worst of the 3 (not even that close) and was only treated with higher regard then he deserved simply because he replaced Jason Lowe - the walking scapegoat in 2016-17. I cannot think of many worse regular footballers our team has had in many a decade. Being serious. Him, Christian Walton, Chris Brown, Elliott Ward and Paul Caddis would make a pretty abysmal 5 a side team.
  3. Echo what most have written. Apart from a (basically) unplayable 15 minutes after the subs came on from 55th-70th (credit where it is due), we were abject. Butterworth was one who back in August I felt could really make a case for the #10 spot, but it is worrying how a player can come on in the 55th and be knackered by the 80th. Improve his fitness or I doubt he can ever start - but those 30 minute cameos could become 2018/2019-Rothwell esque. 100% with you here. Once the dust settles, and fans start to reflect on their worst ever - by ability - established starting XI, Smallwood would comfortably be in most teams. Sorry Hull, but if he's playing 90 minutes every week - as your captain to boot, you ain't long for the Championship.
  4. This Rovers team is as boring as the OAP managing them. Zzzzzzzz. Hull should stop low key time-wasting and actually try for the 3 points that are there for them. This is bad.
  5. This Rovers team is as boring as the OAP managing them. Zzzzzzzz. Hull should stop low key time-wasting and actually try for the 3 points that are there for them. This is bad.
  6. Heard it on excellent authority that he was at Brockhall on deadline week... and was royally mucked about. Hiding behind a failed medical. Hull: (If) we don't win tonight I fully expect every fan at Ewood to join me with a chorus of boos towards Mowbray. Let the cameras hear it.
  7. That's the most furious I've been in years. Thought I didn't care. I'm a believer in that the first incident is the only one that matters, and Lenihan should have walked after 7 minutes. But that referee was something else in the second half. Literally 12 vs 11. Yes you fucked up with the Lenihan red, but that Cameron Jerome elbow was something else. I'd love to put that 90 minutes through VAR. Would have finished 10 vs 8 easily. Mowbray is an absolute buffoon, Gallagher was abysmal those last 15 minutes... was he knackered? Make the sub you imbecile. And for my money Diaz was equally shite for 90 minutes. Those two, coupled with more Mowbray failings, cost us that game. I cannot understate how much I fucking hate Nathan Jones.
  8. I really dislike Luton's manager... hope we absolutely spank them. Can't see it. 1-1.
  9. I could have told everyone 12 months ago that contrary to popular belief on the MB... they can't stand each other.
  10. So, after basically 4 months, we've signed: 2x League 1 left backs for £500k each. 2x PL kids on loan at 5ft 5" each. 2x Brighton kids/cast offs on loan. Marvelous.
  11. Mowbray etc clearly must have scouting links/contacts at WBA, Bournemouth, Swansea and (of course) Middlesbrough. Problem is every player they are "rumoured" to want- chooses any and all of those 4 clubs over us. Shambles 🤡
  12. Most deadline day signings aren't realistic a week before deadline day. Robinho, Martial, Tevez/Mascherano, Andy Carroll. All sublime and ridiculous deadline signings. In our case you could say Harvey Elliott was unrealistic, as was a certain £7m Chilean. We just seem happy to be "linked" to those sort of players for a bit of "Street cred" however Mowbray seems more interested getting a pat on the back from the big clubs as an elite groomer through pointless loans.
  13. Kamisnki Nyambe - Lenihan - Ayala - Pickering Travis - Ntcham Roberts - (Dack) - Brereton Obafemi Squad: Rothwell, Poveda, Buckley, Gallagher, Clarkson, Davenport, Johnson, van Hecke, Carter, Magloire, JRC, Butterworth, Wharton, Dolan, Chapman, Edun, Khadra, Pike, Pears/Eastham, Loan#5. Like I said - irrational excitement. But that's a highly bloated squad of 30 players (even after outgoing loans), be smarter to load up on kid loans and leave the Roberts' and Ntcham's to the "big clubs". 🤪
  14. So the irrational excitement I had this morning thinking it could be Obafemi, Roberts and Ntcham has well and truly evaporated. Khadra and Edun, with 2 underage loans to follow. Whoopdi-fucking-do.
  15. This is exactly the business we should be doing. Modest contract to June 2023 with a club option of a further year (and an out after this season if he flops). A free transfer with City getting a solid % of the sell on fee over £1m (ish). Patrick Roberts has the potential to be the Championship version of what we got in David Bentley under Mark Hughes. Although (obviously) nothing is guaranteed. Would much take a gamble on a player like Roberts (to own) rather than a loan like Reda Khadra, financially and otherwise. Edit. AND he has played for Middlesbrough...
  16. So, Michael Obafemi chatter is back, Reda Khadra seems like it will happen, linked to Tayo Edun, and brief rumours of Patrick Roberts. Pickering signed, van Hecke, Clarkson and Poveda already loaned. Joe Rankin-Costello, Bradley Dack, Scott Wharton and Bradley Johnson to return. For me, we would still need someone far more capable than Johnson, Davenport or Clarkson next to Travis for the 4-2-3-1 formation, after what we saw at 'Boro. Beyond that, and given where we were 2 weeks ago the limitations of Mowbray, Waggot and Venkies, dare I see not a "complete" disaster assuming the majority of the ones listed in bold (less so Khadra) come off. Of course if they're all loans, we finish without promotion and lose Nyambe, Rothwell, Lenihan and Brereton for free... then the whole season has been a Titanic failure.
  17. Middlesbrough getting Onal Hernandez from Norwich and Rovers going for Reda Khadra highlights the "loan" ambitions this season.
  18. Also, the fact that we conceded a goal - when leading 1-0 - off our own set piece (after already being warned twice) is beyond pathetic management.
  19. Out of possession we have been 5 yards off it. I don't think we touched the ball for the 10 minutes after Gallagher scored. Poveda and Clarkson have not helped us at all defensively and we don't look like we can make tackle outside of our 18 yard box. Davenport needs to come on to help Travis, and Rothwell and Brereton especially need to wake up. Dijksteel, Howson, Morsey, Jones and especially Tavernier have dominated us. As it stands we'll ship at least one more goal and comfortably lose this.
  20. Couldn't give a damn about the results Mowbray gets us this season, unless we get promoted. As it stands he looks set to oversee millions of pounds worth of players in Lenihan, Nyambe, Rothwell and Brereton leaving on free transfers in Summer 2022. Travis, Gallagher and Kaminski 12 months later.. Make no mistake about it, that man -and the Coventrio - are going to fuck us hard on their way out and avoid ALL of the fallout.
  21. Don't they mean "exciting Leeds United [False 9] Ian Poveda"???
  22. So it's been established you can be a world class footballer whilst under 6ft tall... can we move on now? We're weak as piss as a football team and need a unit of a striker... Dare I say we need a Jason Roberts style player... or we do the logical thing and play our £5m #9 there and get a proper winger. Brereton Gallagher Winger Rothwell Travis LC/JB Should likely be the front 6 for September 1st unless something drastic happens and we sign an Obafemi etc. JRC, Dack, Dolan, Chapman, Johnson, Davenport and Butterworth to round it out (eventually) (which is poor). We do not need SIX further new signings if they're going to be depth as Mowbray is sputtering, we need 2 quality forward players centrally and on the wing, an extra CB and LB. I just can't get excited about 5 teenage loans.
  23. Regarding Lenihan: It is realistic (and hopeful) that today was his worst performance of the season. Against - realistically - the best team we'll play this season. Karlan Grant, Matt Phillips, Callum Robinson and Grady Diangana are a pretty unreal frontline for this league. Not to mention their bombardment tactics escalated by Mowbrays inept formation/tactics. I would be thrilled to resign ANY of Nyambe, Lenihan, Rothwell and Brereton. All should already be locked in till 2023/2024.
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