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  1. First half I thought Edun was very poor; no better than Bell. Maybe he improved second half over on the far side of the pitch to me. Dolan, Rothwell, Travis, Buckley all had good games. Bucko was doing well in midfield and did well at full back too. That Poveda is a complete waste of a team place for one of ours. What a pity Van Hecke didn't score when he galloped upfield. He had a good game apart from when he was beaten for pace down our left and Lenihan had to save the day. I'm glad we won but Reading played the far better football throughout.
  2. From what I have heard Trevor wasn't a great fan of football but his son is. Maybe PNE will be on the up from now on.
  3. Barry Ryan has died on Sept 28th aged 72. His greatest hit was Eloise written by his twin brother, Paul who died of cancer in 1992. They both attended boarding school in Pudsey near Leeds. I remember their mum, Marion Ryan, singing on TV.
  4. Davenport isn't even on the bench. Mowbray is an idiot.
  5. Yes. Thanks. I mean Garrett. I couldn't remember his name. If we don't pick Magloire we can only play a back 4 of Travis, Carter, Ayala, Pickering. Davenport to replace Trav in midfield. God help us if we have any more injuries during the game.
  6. Excellent preview, Andrew. You've set the benchmark for others. I think Critchley's team will overcome Mowbray's team easily. I would have to give Magloire another chance at CB alongside Ayala (who will be dreading it, no doubt). Play Carter RB and Pickering LB. We need grit and bite in midfield so Davenport and the youngster Gunning? should be there. Butterworth has to get some game time surely.
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    Desktop but it seems to be ok now. Thanks.
  8. What a good old fashioned football expression. It always makes me smile.
  9. I see Coventry City are doing a hell of a lot better since Mowbray and Waggot left them.
  10. Hopefully a return to our quartered shirts. I noticed his dry mouth and wondered why he didn't have a glass of water nearby.
  11. Honda V-Tech, cracking car but a gas guzzler. We were on a coach to go back to Lancashire listening to the radio when every person phoning in spoke with a cockney accent and every one of them started with the words, " I'm gutted". So, so hilarious.
  12. Par for the course in this "super-efficient modern world"; just like ringing the doctors' surgery.
  13. Financial problems in football are caused partly by no maximum wage worldwide in the game. All these clubs that have suffered financially over recent years have succumbed to overpayment of employees. Even those clubs who are relegated from the riches of the Premier League often find themselves in financial difficulties. Professional footballers; overpaid prima donnas.
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    Every time I click on the link to "Home Page" I get" Page cannot be found". Why?
  15. There was another player with Marsh and Curry. Was it Stan Bowles?
  16. It seems to all of us that Butterworth can only play for 20 minutes at present. I hope it's because of lack of match fitness and not his back again. That's why he cannot start at present.
  17. Whenever Luton had a corner, why was little Dolan not in the centre circle to give them something to worry about and maybe hit them on the break?
  18. Says they're all home grown players. They're not. What's all that about?
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