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[Archived] V Festival 2011

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It really does!

Got tickets to Fomfest last week. Can't wait.

(might as well turn this into a Festivals 2011 thread!)

Saw that advertised in HMV, would have considered if it it wasnt at same time as a holiday.

Going Download this year, looking forward to System of a Down, Frank Turner and the Darkness !!

Check out Turisas and Kvelertak who are also on the bill

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What were the issues? I did the first 2 '96 and '97 and enjoyed them.

To be fair part of it was generic stuff that applied to a lot of festivals - I'd only been to Glastonbury by that point and not being able to take your own booze in/the whole arena set up got on my nerves a lot. I've since been to a few others which made me realise Glasto's set up is in the minority in this country.

But just stuff like shameless advertising at every corner - walked past a big advert for Lynx called the "Lynx Manwash" which had loads of half naked guys being sprayed down with water (real blokes, it wasnt a picture) ..that sort of stuff for me has no place at a music festival. I'd even say similar if it had women instead of the guys, although obviously I'd object a lot, lot less :lol: Also there was next to nothing after the bands finished, the crowd wasnt the best...

To be honest had it been my first festival I would've enjoyed it a hell of a lot more than I did. On one hand you can't go that far wrong with drinking and music in a field for a weekend but there's so many better places to do it.

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