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[Archived] Venky's advert

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Anybody heard anything about the venkys advert? obviously can't post links but over on roversmad there are photos of rovers players eating chicken in the dressing room wearing the new venkys sponsored home kit!

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Cheers pal, of course it's for live streams etc.

Anyway another publicity stunt for the venkys, the lads seem to be enjoying the chicken, especially dunny!

I don't know for sure if Samba was there but he was ill the day after :lol:

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"]My link

Couldn't resist

I don`t know whats more disturbing,the ad itself or what you typed in google to come up with that ad! :wacko::lol:

Personally i don`t see much wrong with the Venky`s ad,it does give Venky`s and Rovers more exposure and may spark a little interest in Rovers in India.

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