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  1. My condolences. One thing I’ll give Burnley credit for, creaky seats aside, they were well ran and a very relaxed club. People buying clubs in this manner shouldn’t be allowed.
  2. That’s a terrible deal any way you look at it. I saw an article that said once Pace has got his investment back he’ll plow some of his own fortune into the club. No idea how that’s going to happen.
  3. Have a read of this. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2021/feb/02/burnley-us-takeover-has-left-club-90m-worse-off-and-loaded-with-debt
  4. So he's another shelfy. Who'd have thought it? Rovers are just ripe for the taking these days aren't they.
  5. The rest of the human race knew what you meant. Probably a few dogs and cats too.
  6. Looks like a few people on here have missed the memo about Burnley's current turmoil. New owners saddling the club with debt. Spent a decent amount of transfer money for Burnley, but still can't keep up with the rest and still aren't filling their 21,000 seats. Fans think in January they are going to throw money at the club. Where's that coming from? Second from bottom and looking goal shy. Big challenge for Dyche. I think they'll hang on this year as there's some poor clubs down the bottom. Dyche being the deciding factor.
  7. I think you're giving them too much credit. They look a mess at the moment, on and off the pitch.
  8. Poor performance on Saturday and Mowbray's changes made the team worse. He went defensive when our defense was already struggling whenever Barnsley came forward. The only thing stopping Barnsley coming forward was the risk of leaving our forwards. Lucky to get a point and he put the defence under more pressure than needed. Kaminski also did well. Against Luton he did the same and we didn't do quite as well and lost 2 points. A lot of Rovers fans have noted that not much has changed with Tony's management apart from his luck.
  9. I'd swap Armstrong for both of them right now.
  10. He worked hard but yes he was crap. His decision making is shocking sometimes, like taking a touch he doesn't need or passing it to an imaginary friend. You'd think he'd have improved these aspects by now and I'm sure he'd score more if he did. Like Mowbray he seems to overthink/overcomplicate things.
  11. Not the final ball from Brereton hopefully. He was wasteful yesterday.
  12. Pickering, Dolan, Kaminski, Ayala - all first team regulars now. Some of those were on a free, but as I understand it not on the cheap. He signed 14 players in all inc loans. He had a 29 goal striker. Besides that £12m worth of attackers. 15th place finish seems unacceptable when you look at the bigger picture. And when you look at it game for game, his regular tinkering led to a lot of dropped points - not necessarily personnel. Regarding the other teams (inc loans). Norwich signed 14. Watford 19. Brentford 21 (inc Toney)
  13. The frustration lies in Mowbrays influence over those two matches. Today his subs allowed Barnsley to come at us which almost led to us losing a point, when it was pretty even up to that. We were 2-0 up against Luton and he decided to park the bus. With a bit more imagination we could be in second place. He did great against Hull and went for it. I've no idea why he chose Clarkson, a 19 year old midfielder, over Butterworth, when we could have nicked a goal with the amount of times we were getting forward.
  14. We desperately need a senior striker that can stay fit and give the opposition defence problems. If only we'd spent that £5m for Gallagher more wisely!
  15. I hope he makes an appearance against Cardiff. Both Poveda and Clarkson looked very poor. Replace Brereton with a more composed goalscorer and we might have nicked today.
  16. Playing without Kaminski. Put some of the GK's we've had in the past in goal and we'd have lost today.
  17. For context though, Barnsley are down the bottom and have injuries. That was a terrible performance and Mowbray managed to make it worse with the subs.
  18. I'm just glad we managed to get away with it. That was by luck rather than judgement. Tactical cock up by Mowbray again.
  19. Clarkson ffs. Pathetic Mowbray, he's a bloody kid.
  20. He doesn't get that we're better defensively when he doesn't play defensively. Takes pressure off the defence and keeps the other team busy.
  21. Almost a Pickering own goal. Mowbray has really put us under pressure here.
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