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  1. I didn’t want to mention his name but yes. Probably keep him on for League 1 too. Maybe we'll end up being a yo-yo club in the wrong leagues.
  2. I'm calling it, we're finishing 20th place. It's then reported that he did well to keep us up. Mowbray staying on for another season. Relegation next season
  3. Never going to happen after a wonder draw against the mighty Cardiff.
  4. Haha, there'll be some spin and bs after this. It'll be like winning a cup final for the Mowbro's.
  5. Not always Jim, I should know I've known a few. For example TV news reporters in many cases just repeat the news they are given by their producers (not talking about anchors but the actual person on the street reporting back). My point was that there are journalists and investigative journalists. I'd say Telegraph journalists don't do much in the way of investigating so I'd call them journalists. Sure they ask questions but take everything at face value, and often don't even journal those correctly. The fact that I'd rather discuss this rather than the match is quite depressing.
  6. I'm going to throw a new one in. He's a journalist, not technically a reporter as he's producing his own material rather than just creating something from researchers and runners. However the question should be, is he a journalist or an investigative journalist? Journalists generally just keep a journal of events, they contribute to public diaries aka newspapers but don't generally dig deeper than surface reporting.
  7. If I see those two are playing I’ll watch it, I’m too jaded by Tony’s tired old routine otherwise. Just painful. And he really doesn’t look arsed which adds insult to injury.
  8. A proper club would be on the phone to Wilder last night/week/year.
  9. Of course there’s a difference but his nice guy Tony routine is a load of bull. He left Coventry because he felt he’d become detrimental to the club. On the other hand he hasn’t left Rovers yet because of money. He couldn’t give a stuff about how the club fares as a result.
  10. It's always going to be an issue when you have a manager who for the majority of his career played for shit football teams and was an average player at best himself, and thinks that's the standard to aim for.
  11. He did for a different club. "I'm an honourable guy." Tony Mowbray after he resigned from Coventry City. "It’s not my decision." Tony Mowbray after he didn't resign from Blackburn Rovers.
  12. Looked like the seats were pleading with him today.
  13. The only transfer I’d like to see is Tony Mowbray being transferred into outer space at high speed.
  14. “It’s 3-0 what can I say? I mean I was telling the boys, who worked ever so hard, that we just need to turn that 3-0 loss into a 3-0 win and we’ll be right up that league.”
  15. I’m glad I’m not watching it for once. Seeing him shamelessly sat on his arse with ten minutes left, trailing by just one goal to bottom of the league Wycombe told me all I needed to know, and where TM’s priorities lie.
  16. Probably bodybags. And if so you have to wonder how many more dugout seats have perished having to endure Tony Mowbray’s brand of football over the years.
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