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[Archived] BRFC vs. Chelsea Protest Details


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We have 'turned a corner' when we string together some bloody wins.

End of.

Finally. Someone with sense. What is wrong with these people?

"We are playing well", "we have turned a corner."

2 points from 6 games. 3 wins in 24 league games.

We aren't playing well because we haven't even had 1 single clean sheet, we ain't turned no bloody corner and we are four points from safety already at the start of November. Chelsea put in by far one of the worst performances of their season and still beat us at home. In reality, our goal difference is far worse than those above us so we already a colossal FIVE points from safety.

That really is end of. All else is just hot air. The only thing that matters is the league table.

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It's pretty straightforward why more people aren't protesting. We are playing pretty well, better than we have done in quite a long time.

Yet we managed to pick up as many over the last month as we did when we were god awful against the likes of Wolves and Newcastle away.

I have always thought that Rovers fans have always been one of the weaker sets of fans when it comes to showing passion in the league - I'm not saying the passion isn't there as I know a large amount of the fan base bleed blue n' white, I just feel the don't show it as well as other groups of fans.

It's starting to look as though this may yet result in us facing another few months under Captain Clueless!

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I've seen some posts in this thread berated for suggesting a tactical pause in the protests and I think people are missing the point. It should not be assumed that those who think a protest at the next game isn't a good idea is apathetic or supportive of Kean. It's about being *effective*.

Right now, the manager and certain elements of the media are able to play the "protests are dwindling" card all too easily and another protest along the same lines of the Chelsea game will only reinforce that view and undermine the objectives of protesting in the first place. Like it or not, a perceived improvement in the level of performances is related to that also.

If we are correct in our belief that Kean is leading us down a road to disaster then there will be an opportunity to demonstrate the strength of feeling in force in the near future. I would hope that Wigan away and the next home game could be used as opportunities to regroup and remove the hitherto oft used responses in dismissal of the protests because while Kean can easily whip out that cards like 1%, dwindling etc. no pressure can be placed upon him.

If a natural protest arises from a catastrophic defeat (i.e. the Wigan away performance that did for Ince) it will be far more impactful. As it is, Wigan is the first game in a while I'm not writing off as completely doomed before it starts, mainly because they are awful and have even less of an excuse than we do for the shocking defending. Taking advantage of this situation and doing everything to back the team and putting pressure on Kean another time are not mutually exclusive.

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