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[Archived] Mechanic Advice required

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Hello fellow members, hoping for some car advice from mechanical minded members.

I have today just took my Ford Focus out for a run, its been parked up for a week in the damp and wet. After 5 minutes the engine lamp lit up and the car appeared a little sluggish. All electrics work ok and there is ample oil and water in the tanks as well as a full tank of fuel.

Advice obtained from forums would suggest its just water ingress or weather related. Question is could it be anything else ? I have never had any problems with the car, its a 2003 Focus and runs fantastic.

Any advice from anyone who reads this would be really appreciated.

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When you say 'a little sluggish' do you mean far slower than usual?

If so then the ecu might have switched into 'limp mode' to protect the engine from damage.

Engine warning lights coming on are never a good thing - has it stayed on or just flashed and gone back to normal? Best to get it checked for any error codes to see whats wrong.

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Thanks for the advice peeps. The problem was a minor one after all, ignition coil and spark plugs replaced grand sum of £70 courtesy of The RAC chap who turned up. he was a fellow Rovers fan, hates Kean and didnt charge me for the new leads, new air filter and other bits and pieces.

Thanks again to all who replied.

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