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[Archived] Nottingham Forest 0-3 Blackburn Rovers FA Women's Cup 3rd Round


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Nottingham Forest 0-3 Blackburn Rovers - FA Women's Cup 3rd Round

Blackburn Rovers Ladies increased the teams un-beaten run to 9 games with a fine away win over Nottingham Forest.

A Goal from Katie Anderton and a brace from Danielle Sheen, gave Rovers victory over National League Forest.

The reward for giant killing Rovers is another away tie to fierce rivals Preston North End.

The FA Women's Cup 4th Round - the Lancashire Derby will take place at Bamber Bridge FC on Sunday 26th February 2012 - 2.00pm

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The best chefs in the world are male...what is your point.?

OK if you really need it spelled out in plain Scottish.

You sir, are coming across as a right sexiest. No womens football is not the same level as mens, but they are still pretty decent players and deserve credit for the result against Notts. We have one of the best womens teams in the country, unbeaten in about 10 (puts the blokes teaam to shame) and all you can post is women shouldn't play football they're a joke.

You asked, but you already knew my point didn't you.

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You know Im not using it to criticise. Womens football in general is not really supported...and there is a reason for that. Far too much money is spent on it.

Sparky, as far as I know, the Club spend very little of anything on the women's side. They even have to pay for their own kits, if I remember correctly. I agree with you that it is not the exciting spectacle that the men's game is, and not nearly so well respected or supported, but think about women's sport in general...would you take that £10 wager pitting yourself against a professional women's tennis player, or golf, or ice hockey, long jump, 100m, high jump, swimming etc. (athletics in general)? If you answered no to any of those, you should probably think twice about football.

These are pretty good athletes in general, and unless you are well trained yourself, you would struggle. You may be able to kick a ball farther one off, or muscle them off the ball if your technique is decent, but you'd probably pull your quad or hammy or injure yourself in some other way, and if not be otherwise so sore you could barely walk the next day even joining in one training session with them.

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I've watched BRLFC for the last 6 years and prefer watching, what is essentially an amateur team, to the 'Millionaires' that play for the Rovers men's team. The Rovers Ladies players are very proud to play for the club, get next to no payment, no publicity and no support from the 20,000 who attend Rovers home games.

The shameful fact is this.....the Rovers fanbase can't be bothered to go and support a team that wears your shirt and represents your team...your town.

I'm sure a substantial element of the Rovers fanbase is female and around the FA's target demographic of 11-14 years of age i.e. teenage girls. Several of the Rovers younger players have won scholarship's to University in the USA, over the last few years. Rovers has had a massive impact on the lives of these young people, who are doing something positive and constructive with their spare time.

Get down to Bamber Bridge FC next Sunday and Support your Team. it's a derby game and no love is lost between Rovers and PNE - It's a proper grudge match..

To all the men who like to Mock, come and watch a game...you'll find you are not as good as the players wearing Rovers shirts.

If you've got a young daughter, bring them along to watch, if they take up football and are good enough...it could lead to massive opportunities in the future.

The club aren't in the Women's Super League because the club didn't want to fund it... they may decide to when the opportunity arises again next year.


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This site is BRFCS not BRLFCS forum site.

it's a forum for BLACKBURN ROVERS fans...I'm one, have been for 30 years. The Rovers Ladies team wear the shirt with pride and deserve the support of the Rovers fanbase.

Dan understands...he live's in Sweden, where Women's football is treated with more equality.

Are the majority of Rovers fans SEXIST? if this is the case, then that is SHAMEFUL.

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They usually try to wind me up on this issue, footypix.

The ladies are wearing Rovers colours and for that reason deserve support from Rovers fans.

Sadly I can't make most of their matches but I will try to be there on Sunday.

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Quite a few male football fans don't even think that women should be allowed to watch football at all.

I suggest that the Andy Gray / Richard Keys attitude is widely held amongest male football fans.

In Icelandic football both male and female footballers are paid the same - around £200,000 a season.

The Rovers players get around £30 a game. Rovers fans are more than welcome to support the team at PNE next week...free admission at Bamber Bridge FC.

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