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[Archived] Big Sam versus Kean


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Wonder what those, IMO, footballing clowns in Pune think now.

The 'fantastic' Kean has Rovers hurtling towards the abyss whilst Sam's proud Hammers are 6 points clear and are, highly likely, to swop places with Rovers.

They absolutely love Sam down there and he's highly regarded throughout the club.

Revenge is a a dish best served cold !!!

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Speaking to few Hammers fans recently, they are loving winning matches again. Of course, there are a few who still believe they should be playing the beautiful game home & away for 90 minutes.

So far, Big Sam doing a very good job.

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Okay, I am a huge fan of Sam. He was the safest bet to get WHAM back at the first time of asking and, IMO, the safest insurance policy of keeping them im the PL next season and for many others to come.

Love him or loathe him, the man delivers.

What a contrast to the shambles we have now.

This season, he would have had us top eight without a shadow of a doubt.

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