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  1. Local rival and their situation is of course relevant to us as we have similar financial problems - strange post...
  2. Wow, massive losses/debt, that's why I was asking the other day how we fair comparatively. Link below shows biggest one year losses in English football @sportingintel: Bolton join .... errm ... an elite band. http://t.co/ayyK0r8Hek
  3. They are missing a few key players - plus are as average as us so thinking we won't lose...
  4. Exchanged a few PMs with Kelvin over the years - a thoroughly nice man who cared deeply about Rovers. Very sad news. RIP
  5. Along with that, the Germany incident with a Sky Sports reporter (drunk again). The pi**ed up video when he claimed top 10 finish and a trophy. These are just the stories we know about too. He is a first rate chancer who is taking the mick remaining in his role.
  6. With Kean and Hendry regarded as big drinkers and in poor shape themselves, hardly a good example to be set by management -- feel sorry for Eric Black who is one of the more normal members of staff we have behind the scenes.
  7. http://www.eadt.co.uk/sport/new_blackburn_rovers_midfielder_dickson_etuhu_swayed_by_club_s_ambition_1_1471672
  8. Sorry to hear this news - RIP.
  9. Could be that he might not be feeling well at the moment but I thought he did not look that healthy.
  10. Think Kean fits in perfectly with the way Venkys currently want to run the club. Would be strange having a proper manager in charge under these owners, cant really imagine it.
  11. So yet more strange going ons under the marvelous Venkys ownership. And yet another staff member who leaves the club is gagged from saying anything.
  12. Rochina looked very good especially considering it was his debut - looked class and can control/pass the ball well. Pity that description matches none of his team mates.
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