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[Archived] Reccommendations ?

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Food 1 ( the possibly more respectable option) http://www.wagamama.com/restaurants/manchester-spinningfields

Food 2 (cheap & cheerful, absolutely no frills) http://www.thisandthatcafe.co.uk/

Pub 1 "Sinclair's Oyster Bar" Between The Arndale & Victoria statio http://www.beerintheevening.com/pubs/s/11/1172/

Pub 2 (In my opinion one of the best pubs in Manchester- next to G-Mex & The Bridgewater Hall - "The Briton's Protection") http://www.britonsprotection.co.uk/

Have a good evening,

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Wagamama +1 from me too..I go to one on Deansgate...its good just wandering round.China Town.then using goining for any you like the look of.. ..Hilton hotel observation bar and deck.half way up is.worth a look but drink prices sting at bit .. The Bank pub near Piccadiily...once famous for its sausage selection.is good value .Sweet Mandarin in the north quarter was once Gordon ramseys fav.might still do lunches but its iIt been over 2years since been to any of these though..may have changed

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Have you been to Red Hot Buffet in Manchester before? It's full of loud families and parties. Not a very nice atmosphere unless you're in one of those kind of groups. I was taken there with my girlfriends work but I'll never go again.

The food is mainly reheated stuff as well, little of it is made at the restaurant. Everything tastes processed (supermarkets do better pizzas and pasta). It's a fun novelty experience but the food is very poor.

It's like the equivalent of asking for fine dining recipes, ignoring the suggestions and making a pot noodle instead! :) Some good suggestions on here.

If you want something a bit quirky but with excellent food: Almost Famous Burger Bar. Everyone likes burgers. It's a bit like a secret burger place - better description here

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Thanks chaps, really appreciate it.

Will keep those for next time (hopefully there will be a next time). As I'm not sure about her likes / dislikes I'm going for the Red Hot Buffet at sthe end of Deansgate. Better book though, that place is usually rammed !


Don't do it my friend. Salmonella city..reheated shyte....its always full of scally families.

Chaophrya or Tampopo is your best bet for eastern food.

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