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[Archived] Great family day out for Rovers' fans..........

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What a fantastic day to watch a live football match, and enjoy a great day out for the whole family!! Once again it is only £5.00 admission for one adult and one child at Chorley FC's Victory Park this afternoon.Please bring the kids along and let them enjoy standing on the terraces, just like we did in days gone by.

Play-off hopefuls, Chorley face a tough and competitive game against local rivals, Ashton United. The Magpies must win in order to keep their play-off dreams alive, so expect lots of excitement and goals!!

Having committed himself to Chorley for another two years, manager Garry Flitcroft is eager to see attendances rise and a warm, friendly atmosphere at Victory Park. Saturday afternoon, 3:00pm kick-off is what football is all about, a few pints in the social club and a great afternoon out with friends and family - get in there!!

Rovers' season ticket holders will also be admitted for only £5.00 on production of a current season ticket at the turnstile!

This offer is too good to miss, get on the phone or send a text to your mates, tell them you're off to Chorley this afternoon, you'll not regret it!!

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Four members of Rovers Trust Steering Group are the match ball sponsors for today's game at Victory Park.

Here are some words from Ozz, his thoughts on today;

As a life long Blackburn Rovers supporter, I have been to Ewood Park more times in my life than any place other than work. In addition I have been to around fifty-odd other football league grounds watching Rovers play also, and have even been fortunate to see us play in Germany, France and Holland too.

But this Saturday, I am making the one hundred yard journey from my home to Victory Park-home of Chorley FC. I live in Chorley, but my team has always been Rovers. I saw my first game at Ewood (1981) long before a game at Chorley, or indeed any other proper stadium. There is a long-standing, healthy Rovers fan base in the town. I recall most home games use to have at least two coach loads of fans for every home game, departing from the famous Chorley Flat Iron market. These have long since stopped, but not because of any diminishing support, more as a result of the nations obsession with car ownership.

But I have seen Rovers play here, in a couple of pre season friendlys. But this week I am attending Victory Park along with a few other Trust members to see Chorley play Ashton FC. With Rovers away at Watford, I am taking the opportunity as a representative of Rovers Trust to sponsor the match day ball for their crucial Evo-Stik League Premier Division game. The sponsorship money has been paid for by members of the Trust Steering Group, and has not come out the Trust funds. This came about from a discussion a few of us had during one of our meetings when discussing what we could do to try and support local clubs who are all suffering during these difficult financial times.

For the money we have paid (£180, compared to Ewoods £720) four of us get to watch the match, have a couple of drinks and maybe get to meet the players after the game. But what we get for the money is not that important. What is important is that we, as advocates of supporting community football, local teams and encouraging others to do likewise are practising what we preach. Without the many smaller, non-league
clubs around Lancashire, the opportunity for young football fans and players to progress up the ladder may disappear. Remember Paul Mariner? Played for Ipswich, Arsenal and England? He comes from Chorley, played there before moving up to the big boys and international fame. And of course at Ewood we have had Matt Derbyshire, Paul Gallagher and David Dunn all start in local outfits and make it, to a greater or lesser extent, in the big time.

Without the chance to go from school team, to something more advanced, like Chorley, or Darwen or Accrington, many talented young players could just give up on the game-and who knows what gems the world of football may miss out on? These places can provide the bridge
between post educational sport and a chance to shine at a higher level.

There are so many distractions for young men these days, and I am not just thinking about what prevented my career from progressing (girls, music, beer…) . The world is a small place these days, and the competition for the attention of each new generations spare time is increasingly fierce and varied. Football needs to keep its toe in the door, and by keeping the little clubs alive this will naturally help to do

So by putting our collective hands in our pocket, and handing over the money to Chorley FC in the name Rovers Trust we are both supporting both local football, and promoting something we believe in too - Chorley get some much need money in the kitty, Rovers Trust get our name in the program and announced over the PA.

I am not expecting to see any world beating performances on Saturday, or a Barcelona-esque style of football-But I do expect plenty of passion, commitment and energy on show. A desire to be the best, and win. All qualities that we as members of Rovers Trust have in abundance and are using to further the cause of safeguarding the future of our number one club - Blackburn Rover.

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Great day on Saturday. Myself, Paul and Brian from the Trust steering group attended, and were well received by all at Chorley. The match was a pretty entertaining one, the end result of 1-1 certainly does NOT tell the full story of the game. THREE sending offs, a late equaliser for the home side and two points thrown away by Chorley when they missed an injury time penalty.

Then as we stood and watched the players troop off down the tunnel, an argument between one of the Ashton staff and a Chorley player broke out, and as they passed us into the tunnel another mass brawl ensued, with stewards piling in to help restore order!

Anyway, good contacts have been made and I am currently discussing how Rovers Trust and Chorley can be of further mutual benefit. And as the new season begins next August, we will be talking to other local non league clubs in a similar way. AFC Darwen are hosting our EGM in May, for example.

Couple of photos from the day,


Paul and Brian Lamb.


Matt Jansen talking to the ref at halftime


Brian, Paul, Garry Flitcroft and me.

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