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[Archived] Robbo interview


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I think Robinson should come back as first choice if Kean continues to look shaky, I would personally loan him out with a 24 hour recall clause, but also he could learn from Robinson when he gets back from the loan.

Then time waste for 24 hours if Robbo goes off mid game?

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I don't think I've seen a keeper with better kicking than Robbo but that's doesn't mean he can't play it short he was instructed not to

also I like that late in a game if need be we can launch a free kick from the half way line and it be a legitimate threat, we've scored a few from thay tactic

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Would be delighted to see Robbo come back into the first eleven. We need a little more experience in the team to bring a little calmness into the team. I have the upmost respect for Paul Robinson, I will forever remember the day we went down and him being the only player who remained on the pitch and spoke to the fans. Maybe I am looking to much into it, but even in the interview on the Rovers website he looks hungry and determined to prove himself. After being out for so long their will be a lot of questions on his ability, but I really think he could brilliant. Yes Jake Kean is the future for Rovers, but I feel Robinson should be the present and help groom Jake Kean. Let us not forget Kean is only 22, could do well of being educated under the former England no1

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