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[Archived] UFC

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Can't find the old thread .

Won't give spoiler in case anyone is catching up

gruesome is alls I will say.

I remember winning the British title and with 20 seconds left we banged knees in a leg attack and mine popped out and I was winning . The St Johns went ballistic at me and my late dad as I bit a towel he popped it back and I carried on one leg in excruciating pain . I survived and won it and ended up in a pot for a few months or so it seemed.

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Such a sad end to a p4p great, they say rehabilitation will take 6 months but at 38 you can't see him getting back into the cage, he won't get a straight title shot and will have to go through a few before given a shot I would say.

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Guest Norbert

I could make a comment here, but it would be a bit mean. Don't want to watch the replay, but from what I have heard it sounds like a Luc Nillis/David Busst thing.

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