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[Archived] Why Has Bill Gates Got An Obscene Amount Of More .....

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Because he developed a product that has benefitted billions of people.

Quality in anything is directly linked to monetary rewards. So for example in the 1970s if the inventor of the world's best software system received a 6 figure payout for managing it, you might get thousands of people attempting it and get a decent product. If the inventor gets a 9 figure payout, you might get millions of people attempting it and get a superb product.

That's basically the argument for capitalism, decrease the monetary reward and produce inferior everything. Compare America to Russia in the 50 years after WW2.

But I agree with your point in the sense that its finding the right balance. Do you need a monetary reward of tens of billions of pounds to cajole enough people into trying to produce the world's best anything? No I'd say definitely not, you need a considerable reward but it doesn't need to be that much. Which is where very high corporation tax should come in to regulate the obscene cases of inequality, but for some reason is never properly applied.

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