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[Archived] Worst Rovers Captain

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Marshall at RB and throwing Mahoney a starting run seems a no brainer to me. Even playing Bennett out there will work.

It's obvious that it's simply not working at the moment. Something has to change. That change has to be Coyle and investment but we won't be getting it. Relegation is almost inevitable at this stage.

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I wouldn't mind Marshall back to right back but it will almost certainly lead to Feeney starting right wing :blink:

I think that is the sum total of Coyles tactical nous.

God help us if Feeney is a starter.

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this season has been a mess and i feel Coyle has been picking the wrong team our next line up I would change things around as clearly their is an issue with the current line up. I would go with.





We need to freshen the team up I find the players that need to be dropped are Graham, Greer, and Lowe. Regardless of our division in January we need Emnes, Hoban, Gallagher snapped up asap, and get a few more loans in.

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