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[Archived] Game: Films Explained Badly.

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I've seen a game I played with mates over Christmas make its way onto Facebook. The idea is to explain a film badly in one sentence and others can guess what it is.

Eg: Noseless pensioner has unhealthy obsession with killing a teenage boy.

Answer: Harry Potter.

The winner then has to set the next one. Remember that some examples may accidentally apply to several films, so wait for the question-setter to tell you it's correct.

I'll start off...

Drug-addicted girl takes advantage of mentally-challenged boy repeatedly for 3 decades.

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Yep, nice one! Its quite hard to make this hard :P

The jokes write themselves. Though I literally watched this film last week so that may have refreshed my memory. In the interests of the thread I'll have a do.

Writer meets superfan. Doesn't go well.

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I know the feeling now!

A submarine is stolen, only one man can stop it being fired on by both sides...

Black Sea?

Explaining something badly but accurately is definitely hard haha!

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