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[Archived] Venkys Out

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Venkys bring a new meaning to frustration. Been ST holder for decades but its months since I've been to Ewood. God knows what the ST number will be next season regardless of what league.

I'd be glad to see the end of BRFC in its current form. Never thought I'd say that.


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Tough times. FA living up to their initials. Club against fan. Media against fan. Fan against fan. Downsizing. Downgrading. The painful dismantling of something that took years to build. From Jack Walker and King Kenny to Venkysout and the classless drunkard. All those in the years before keeping us going with pride and respect.

Those criticising the protests / boycotts need to understand for the vast majority of Rovers fans its not about star signings, winning things, or being the biggest and best around.

Its all about honesty, pride, integrity, passion, committment, and sinply being the best we can be.

Rovers fans, in fact most Northern fans are humble and hard-working, with realistic expectations. Supportive, non-confrontational, loyal and passionate. We expect our values mirrored in those that represent our football club.

Arte Labore.

Venkys Out.

There truly was Only One Jack Walker (RIP).

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