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The Lionesses and Sunday ....

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To those who carp about the standards ...

I'm 60 this year and the football heroes from my youth are now old men, and frankly dying all too regularly. If you could magically transport the likes of Keith Newton, Leighton James  and Martin Peters forward to the modern game, how would they cope ? They'd love the protection from the referees, love the state of the playing surfaces that's for sure. Would they be a yard too slow, two yards ? I grant you, with a couple of years strength and conditioning and modern diets, they may well be competitive ... What we do know is that they were great players who stood out among their peers at the time ...

My point is we can only judge players and teams on the basis of their peers. The Lionesses are European Champions, have lost once in 38 matches under the present manager, whilst conceding only 15 goals in the process, and on Sunday, will be in a World Cup final. In women's football they are an outstanding team, and all England fans should be backing them to the hilt ...

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Can’t argue with that SC. I haven’t really watched much of it but did see the semi final and I was very impressed with the front two. Complement each other really well and tireless.

Solid at the back as well, which is a good combination at any level/standard of football. 

And from a personal point of view anything to stick two fingers up to the jocks is fine by me - they were orgasmic about their women’s curling team winning summat a couple of years ago so they can’t easily dismiss this achievement on the basis of gender.

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