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  1. roversoutsider

    Academy & U21s

    Anyone know how much we got for him? Or is it still at Tribunal?
  2. roversoutsider

    ROVERS v Sheff Wed

    We were heavily linked with him our first season back in the Championship. We even lodged a bid but couldn't agree personal terms so the move broke down. Always been a fan of the lad. Could do with someone like him through the midfield.
  3. roversoutsider

    Swansea vs ROVERS - 23/10/18 19:45pm

    Brereton coming on for Graham
  4. roversoutsider

    Rovers v Leeds, Ewood, 12.00 KO, 20th October

    We've already used up our luck at Bolton. Have a bad feeling about this one. Really hope we hold on.
  5. roversoutsider

    ROVERS v Sheff Utd

    Reed is a better fit at right back considering he played there for the entirety of last season for Norwich
  6. roversoutsider

    Loan Window

    Online chatter linking us with Idrissa Sylla of QPR
  7. roversoutsider

    Loan Window

    Haha I saw that too. He's certainly changed the pic. His old one was one of his time with Rovers. Does him taking it down mean something? 😛
  8. roversoutsider

    Loan Window

    He looks amazing!😍 We could definitely do with Chapman as he's another one who can unlock defences single-handedly. Can never have enough of these players.
  9. roversoutsider

    Academy & U21s

    This is perhaps, to an extent why England always have that little bit extra missing on the International stage? A majority of the English players seem to be churned out from the Academies of the Big four(and more recently Soton). And, these players get given the world to them at a young age. The amount of money that 17-18 yr Academy graduates at these clubs earn is insane. Throwing that much money at such a young age is bound to reduce their hunger/passion for the game as it is easy to become satisfied with the money you have and not struggle and work hard to go that one step further. And sometimes you need that nasty in a player. Players need to be fighters and stick a boot in if required. These are things that come naturally to players who have had to fight and sacrifice for their chance to play at the top(Uruguay, Colombia, Brazil etc). English players often come across as being "soft". If you look at the top International sides(especially South American ones) most of their players come from semi-professional backgrounds where they literally play their way to the top. There are so many rags to riches stories in these sides where players go from playing on the streets to the big stage. Jamie Vardy is the only English player I can think of that's worked his way to the top. Most of the other players in England often come out of Academies which industrialize players and mould them in a specific way, robbing them of their creative expression. Sorry for the long post! Just wanted to draw a correlation between passion/will to succeed and economic backgrounds of players!
  10. roversoutsider

    Academy & U21s

    Just had a look at our recent Academy graduates and is it just me that's amused at all of them predominantly being Defenders? We seem to be good at churning out quality defenders and goalkeepers but haven't really produced any forwards or midfielders in ages! Mahoney is the only one I can think of. And you could count Lowe as a midfielder I guess. Frank Fielding, Jake Kean, Raya, Olsson, Hanley, Henley, Jones, Lenihan, O'Connell, Wharton, Nyambe, Doyle, Travis - all of them being defenders/goalkeepers I only ask because I remember reading how Academies around the country are starting to focus more on producing Strikers & Attackers due to the rewards they can get in the Transfer market for a young British striker/winger. And some clubs have even hired foreign coaches who focus on Attacking skills and Technique. That makes sense as well considering a young striker would have the same value as four defenders combined coming out of the Academy. I realise there's not much the club can do in terms of the kind of players who make it out, but this is just something I found amusing.
  11. roversoutsider

    Loan Window

    Now that Samuel is out atleast until January, I wouldn't be against getting Gallagher on a short term loan. Provides something different up front and is a betterment on Samuel for me.
  12. roversoutsider

    Championship 2018-19

    Jack O Connell, a lad we let walk away for nothing looks a proper player and is getting rave reviews at Sheffield Utd A pity as we could really do with defenders of his ilk. Strong, no nonsense big men. I thought he was one of the top prospects coming through the Academy. Could anyone shed light on why we let him go for basically nothing? (I remember the fee being in the very low thousands)
  13. roversoutsider

    Loan Window

    Jason Cummings from Forest who is currently on loan at Peterborough is banging them in for fun at League 1 and looks a striker who will go places. Was recently linked with Hull. A cheeky double striker swoop from Forest in Jan? 😛
  14. roversoutsider

    ROVERS vs Lincoln

    You sure about that? 😛
  15. roversoutsider

    ROVERS vs Lincoln

    Oh God please no

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