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  1. miqaayil

    Rovers vs Forest

    yes.......................PL here we come....
  2. miqaayil

    ROVERS v Brentford

    Damn ....we should be aiming top 6...not survival
  3. miqaayil

    Hull away

    finally FFS!!
  4. miqaayil

    Loan Window

    common odegaard would be a great signing, can play through both wings, cut inside ....i would welcome with both arms. common TM push for this guy
  5. miqaayil

    Breakthrough In India.

    I concur on the timesnow channel, if kamy or someone has a media contact this could fly. The cricket option is good too.Because the effect is not just club level but also local businesses depending on matchday
  6. miqaayil

    People With Connections To Rovers

    Kean was on Singapore Tv for Euro. Nearly wanted to throw my cup, but its my bloody TV. The idiot is being hailed for winning S League. If he could ever do something good for rovers is convince the Prince to buy us
  7. miqaayil

    European Championship France 2016

    14 heehhee
  8. miqaayil

    West Ham United - Fa Cup 5Th Round

    well and truly beaten ....from lineup...we setup to lose...
  9. miqaayil

    Sat 6Th Rhodes Vs Rovers

    looking fwd to a moral boosting win !!! praying
  10. miqaayil

    Transfer Window - January 2016

    me in asia...au naturale
  11. miqaayil

    Transfer Window - January 2016

    i would put my neck out and say, this has been an excellent window, and funny feeling we'll make playoff(i know ,i may sound like i'm smoking bad weed) ...praying hard
  12. miqaayil

    Transfer Talk Part 4

    i believe lambert is smart enough to loan first, if promoted big clearout and shape in preseason.
  13. sorry dude, i agree with mercer and also actually believe we'll be in PL next season.our missing piece has been a good manager and backroom. i believe we'll see a cutting edge,fitness and tactics in our game , and not run around like headless chicken. p.s we'll be a mid-table PL team soon(Praying)
  14. miqaayil

    Next Manager

    sorry if late

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