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  1. nathan_rovers1

    Barnsley v Rovers

    4 points of play off places and you are sick and tired of it, would hate to know your thoughts if we were doing badly. Going nowhere in what sense?- what context, we are likely to end up with more points than last year and in a better league position? I am not sure there is really ever a circumstance where I would ever want my team to get hammered.
  2. What are the rules again?
  3. nathan_rovers1


    So I am a British Citizen and currently live in Hong Kong and it has been such a surreal few months with the Virus. I am absolutely shocked how intense the widespread the Virus is in the UK and Europe. We have had 150 (approx) cases over 2 months and have had stringent hygiene implemented, for instance cleaning hand every hour, the MTR(underground) is cleaned extensively, work places and cleaned every 3 hours and it seems to have worked. During the initial outbreak and slow release of news people did self isolate but ultimately it seems to have done the business as a lot of people are now back at work and everything is open. Here, almost all people wear masks, which is ironic as it is typically customary that you wear them when you are sick. But there is very little evidence/ no evidence supports that it actually works unless it is a particular type. All I can say is that Hygiene, is so important- please wash your hand and do not touch your face. If you are unwell, do not interact and stay away from people. Also, on the the news being reported stating that 8 million Brits will be in hospital, this is just such sensational nonsense. 135,000 cases and almost 4,000 dead. Do not buy into this sensationalism, stay strong and shop sensibly. Corona doesn't give you the shits
  4. nathan_rovers1

    Derby County (A) - Sunday 8th March [3pm KO]

    I just am in a little bit of shock at how bad that was. Why on earth was one of our best Technical plays- Stewart Downing- who can whip a good ball into the box, playing left back with Amari Bell, who can't cross, playing left wing...
  5. nathan_rovers1

    Derby County (A) - Sunday 8th March [3pm KO]

    Today is a day to stand up and recounted. Today and the next 3 months could make players in this team hero's to the club... 2-1 Rovers
  6. nathan_rovers1

    Derby County (A) - Sunday 8th March [3pm KO]

    there is something wrong with you...
  7. nathan_rovers1

    Stoke City home

    ahhh back to the doom and gloom of this site. Another point, onwards and upwards to Saturday.
  8. nathan_rovers1


    MY apologies, typo- meant to say 2k...!
  9. nathan_rovers1


    Apparently we've sold 3k for this? Any truth in that.... decent if so! They've sold over 20k home tickets for this. I have always loved/ hated Charlton. Good ground, good pubs and looks like it is going to be a decent crowd. However, when I go, we always seem to get beat.... I am not going. 3-1 Rovers
  10. nathan_rovers1

    Rovers v Hull

    Rather than Hull being that poor, maybe we were just that good....
  11. nathan_rovers1

    Rovers v Hull

    Whilst I am never usually in the mind for must win games, in my opinion we have to win this game if we want to be in the chasing pack for the play offs... 2-1 Rovers as Hull can't get a win from anywhere. 'mon the blues!
  12. nathan_rovers1

    Tony Parkes

    Thoughts are with him and his family whilst they go through such a tough time.
  13. nathan_rovers1

    Sheffield Wednesday (A)

    Ahhhh we win 5-0 and people still argue...
  14. nathan_rovers1

    Preston (home)

    The irony in this is that you never came back with anything statistical to the post that I wrote...
  15. nathan_rovers1

    Preston (home)

    We lost all those games? The team post 26 games Imo is not a lucky team and ultimately deserve to be where they are.

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