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  1. nathan_rovers1

    AFC Bournemouth v ROVERS

    I am genuinely chuffed with the lads. Naturally gutted to conceded a last minute goal but to stand there and go toe to toe with a team that are 8th in the Prem..... Chuffed to bits with them. I bloody love this team and TM!
  2. nathan_rovers1


    sold over 1600 tickets, good effort!
  3. I feel you.... currently in Hong Kong waiting for the biggest Typhoon to hit ever.... going to be a cracker of a weekend. equivalent to a t-5 Hurricane....
  4. nathan_rovers1

    Rovers v Villa - 15th September 2018

    I don't suppose that it does not hit as hard as we expect, could you recommend any good bars here to watch it in?
  5. nathan_rovers1

    Rovers v Villa - 15th September 2018

    Given the Super Typhoon due to hit on Sunday, I think probably best to watch it from the vicinity of home.
  6. nathan_rovers1

    Bolton debt

    Give they have had such a good start to the season, I can see them staying up!
  7. nathan_rovers1

    Rovers v Villa - 15th September 2018

    Any Rovers fans in Hong Kong fancy meeting up to watch this?
  8. nathan_rovers1

    Bolton debt

    Jesus, whilst I understand that a bit of gloating will take place as they are rivals. But no one wants to see the complete destruction of a club, feel sorry for the fans who have been let down by terrible ownership. This seems to be something of a regular occurrence in football and something which we know all to well and something must be done.
  9. nathan_rovers1

    Bradley Dack

    I am a bit confused, skim reading the thread to try and catch up.... My conclusion is Dack is moving to Brazil to escape going to Norwich or Prison (both are just as bad) and he accidentally turned up to Blackburn Magistrates without realising where Tony found him walking the halls and reminded him that he was injured and must not be doing anything too strenuous. What has he done? Can someone please give me a very brief insight!
  10. How on earth can his Instagram story cause a bad performance, the bloke was injured, he can have the weekend off without the squad. As seen today, opportunity for other who can create chances.
  11. This site is utterly ridiculous, you think we'd not won all season and bottom of the league! Everyone just chill, all teams have off days. remember we could have been 3-2 up at half time....
  12. They are not this much better than us. I think we've been unlucky, we missed a few chances where they buried them. we move onwards and upwards for the next game. My worry for the squad is the inconsistencies of the full backs and Smallwood, he seems to hesitate so much this year, where as last year he was fearless! No need to panic, first defeat of the season, I think we were all expecting it before now...
  13. I think we've been pretty decent. Few wobbles here and there but I think we'll go onto win!
  14. Long shot, but anyone in Hong Kong watching this anywhere?

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