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  1. nathan_rovers1

    Stoke City home

    ahhh back to the doom and gloom of this site. Another point, onwards and upwards to Saturday.
  2. nathan_rovers1


    MY apologies, typo- meant to say 2k...!
  3. nathan_rovers1


    Apparently we've sold 3k for this? Any truth in that.... decent if so! They've sold over 20k home tickets for this. I have always loved/ hated Charlton. Good ground, good pubs and looks like it is going to be a decent crowd. However, when I go, we always seem to get beat.... I am not going. 3-1 Rovers
  4. nathan_rovers1

    Rovers v Hull

    Rather than Hull being that poor, maybe we were just that good....
  5. nathan_rovers1

    Rovers v Hull

    Whilst I am never usually in the mind for must win games, in my opinion we have to win this game if we want to be in the chasing pack for the play offs... 2-1 Rovers as Hull can't get a win from anywhere. 'mon the blues!
  6. nathan_rovers1

    Tony Parkes

    Thoughts are with him and his family whilst they go through such a tough time.
  7. nathan_rovers1

    Sheffield Wednesday (A)

    Ahhhh we win 5-0 and people still argue...
  8. nathan_rovers1

    Preston (home)

    The irony in this is that you never came back with anything statistical to the post that I wrote...
  9. nathan_rovers1

    Preston (home)

    We lost all those games? The team post 26 games Imo is not a lucky team and ultimately deserve to be where they are.
  10. nathan_rovers1

    Preston (home)

    Ok so you are basing this of 45 minutes of football? I'm sure there might be a 30 minute period of a game where we look like we should be top of the table. Again, that is not the case, what are we unbeaten in 8 at home? In fact I think Preston should be nervous coming here, terrible away record this season. We should be positive and with a mentality that we can win this game.
  11. nathan_rovers1

    Preston (home)

    on what basis? 3 points separate us in the league, they have only scored 2 more and conceded two less? There really is nothing between the two sides.
  12. nathan_rovers1

    Preston (home)

    I am not sure why everyone thinks we are doomed, same run of form over the last 5 games and just 3 point off them in the league.
  13. We played 10 mins with one more man.... I do as way understand your point but just here, respectfully disagree
  14. Don't watch it then. In the Championship it is about accumulation of points, whether we are playing well or poorly we need to win and draw games consistently. I think yesterday was a game where we did not play well and still picked up a point. Not sure how you can be disappointed with a 1-1 draw at Swansea.
  15. Dack gets sent off yet it is Mowbray's fault, people need to have a think. Dack should know better and the responsibility lies with him- personally I don't even think it is a foul. Secondly, good result, 4 wins and 1 draw, everyone would have ripped your hand off at this. Onwards and upwards towards a difficult game against City at the weekend.

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