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  1. I'm sure Duncan would really appreciate it if you could all share this on twitter and Facebook as much as possible before midnight tonight as all campaigning has to stop at midnight.
  2. So just a little update on the work your ‘Venky’s out’ candidate has been up to. Whilst having a full-time day job, Duncan has made fantastic efforts to disprove the ‘louts’ image of Rovers fans who ‘deserved their team to do badly’ that some quarters of the media once of a day used to delight in disseminating. He’s consistently spoken eloquently and intelligently to make sure that viewers, readers and listeners have understood how badly Rovers fans have been let down by the owners. To date, he’s appeared in broadcasts by the following media outlets: Rock FM, Radio Lancashire (both in interviews and election debates), 2BR, ITV Lunchtime News, The Sunday Politics TV program, The Football Times and VICE Sports (online sports media). Dozens of other media journalists were contacted on his behalf and whilst they may not have published information about his campaign, they are most certainly aware of it. Yesterday, a full page advert for Duncan appeared in the Lancashire Telegraph and significant advertising has been secured for their online version next week. This is what your donations have paid for. Unfortunately not enough was raised to also cover the distribution of leaflets to every household within the constituency earlier on in the campaign and whilst that was disappointing, I hope that you will agree, the Lancashire Telegraph still has some impact. There are some fantastic campaign supporting images of Duncan ‘doing the rounds’ on social media and I believe will be doing so until Thursday. A good deal of work has gone into Duncan’s campaign, run on a shoe string by Duncan and regular fans, not Spin Doctors or experts. I believe he deserves a vote. If you agree, please do your utmost to spread the word (especially on social media in the coming days) and PLEASE, if you belong to the Blackburn constituency, make sure your vote is for Duncan Miller, Venky’s out, this Thursday. Thank you.
  3. EwoodDawn

    Message from your Venkys Out candidate

    Here's a little something to share on social media.
  4. So this match is tomorrow (Sunday) and the EWMC group would like to start a little twitter trend at around 12 noon tomorrow of #Venkysout. It'd be great if as many BRFCS people as possible could join in. If you use some useful hashtags, it might just appear on the Raos' radar ;) #Indvspak #INDvPAK #cricket #championstrophy #ct17@IndianCricNews @ICC etc.
  5. Is anyone going to the India v Pakistan ODI at Edgbaston this weekend? Or might you know anyone who is? Please could you PM me as the EWMC group have a little favour to ask. Thank you.
  6. Tenuously linked to the election but I didn't know where else to put this - does anyone have any dealings with Councillor Mick Higgins of Bamber Bridge? We're desperately trying to get hold of him, or indeed any member of the Social Committee of the Trades Hall Club re. the traditional relegation coffin burial and seem to be hitting brick walls. If you have any contacts for him or any of the members, please could you pm me ASAP? Many thanks.
  7. By sharing this on Facebook, Twitter and all over the shop, you'd be dong your bit to help the 'Venky's out, save BRFC and save Blackburn' campaign.
  8. Duncan Miller is standing for election in Blackburn. He understands that the town’s football club and therefore the town’s economy are in a state of emergency, caused by a lethal mixture of neglect, gross incompetence and, allegedly, corruption. Duncan doesn’t want Blackburn Rovers to die or Blackburn to die with it. Could you support Duncan’s campaign that aims for national acknowledgement that Clubs like the Rovers are not to be the plaything of millionaires who grow tired of the love you need to constantly provide them? Generations of Rovers fans have loved Rovers for 142 years. Generations of Blackburnians have been reliant on the Football Club for employment and trade. Duncan would like to speak out for those people and let the people of India and the whole nation here understand what our current owners are doing to us. Don’t let them kill our football club and kill our town. You can support Duncan’s campaign by making a donation of up to £50 to the following PayPal account https://www.paypal.me/voteduncanmiller. Donations over £50 must be declared to the following email address drmiller.blackburn@gmail.com Thank you.
  9. https://planetradio.co.uk/rock-fm/local/news/exclusive-blackburn-rovers-fan-standing-independent-candidate-general-election/
  10. You should see more of Duncan in the media over the next few weeks. He was already on Rock FM yesterday. He's a great fella doing a great thing. Vote Duncan!
  11. EwoodDawn

    Bamber Bridge Coffin Ceremony

    Still got that ruddy coffin from 2012 in my shed and I'm hoping to goodness not to get it out any time soon. It's actually a lot harder to organise than you'd first imagine, an event like that. We really tried to get it at Brig and whilst some of the committee were really helpful, the majority weren't for having us, mainly on strong police advice. Then the amount of paperwork, meetings with the police, health and safety stuff to hold it 'at home' was just barmy. But I don't want to think about that just now. And hope to goodness not to this year.

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