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  1. TP also moved Scott Sellars from the middle to the left side of midfield. The Riverside should be renamed after TP as soon as the ground is fully open.
  2. Excellent day! I have never seen a ground empty so quickly. By the time Rover's fans had had a good sing song in celebration all the roads were clear
  3. We only won 7 games all season, and only one away. A brief recovery when Kidd took over, who was Manager of the Month in December. Two very disappointing away results towards the end of the season, 0-0 at Charlton when we had a stone wall penalty turned down when Ward was fouled in front of the Rovers fans, and after being 3-1 in front at Southampton, one of our relegation rivals, only drawing 3-3. This match was shown on the big screen at Ewood. Two wins would have taken it to the last game at Newcastle where we drew 1-1 Sutton only made 17 Premier League appearances, Gallacher made 13,
  4. The problems at Charlton this week illustrate the importance of a strong and active Rovers Trust
  5. Don's son tweeting that his father has had a wee heart attack. Wishing Don a speedy recovery and thanks for all the great times in the late 80's
  6. That massive club down the M65 who always take thousands to away matches, have just returned 1,500 of a 3,000 allocation to Man City, due to slow sales!!
  7. Should be one of the first names on the team sheet along with Travis
  8. A Sheareresque shoulder charge for the first goal. Would probably have been a booking against Huddersfield last Saturday!!
  9. Craig Short unspectacular? I refer you to 01 April 2001!!!!!!!
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