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  1. Gordon Gekko

    Bolton vs Rovers

    Rodwell was spraying around passes in the first half like there was no tomorrow! He can be a big player for us this season if he keeps fit.
  2. Gordon Gekko

    Bolton vs Rovers

    They battered us in the second half but it’s about time Rovers got a bit of luck... I nearly jumped out of the window when the Ref gave that penalty at the end! Well done Mr Linesman.
  3. Gordon Gekko

    Bolton vs Rovers

    God I hate short corners!!
  4. Gordon Gekko

    ROVERS v Sheff Utd

    People saying we should sack Mowbray and bring in Mick McCarthy! Hahaha Jesus get a grip
  5. Gordon Gekko

    Rovers vs Forest

    Bloody ref! Shocking Was only one team that looked like scoring last 10 mins we were holding on so not the worse result.
  6. Gordon Gekko

    Derby County vs Rovers, Tues 18th Sept

    Some really shocking managerial decisions here, trying to shut up shop is only going to end one way. No pace whatsoever going forward now.
  7. Gordon Gekko

    Derby County vs Rovers, Tues 18th Sept

    Some strange decisions made, can see us losing this I’m afraid.
  8. Can someone post a link regarding the Dack story or clarify whats happened?
  9. Gordon Gekko

    Thursday deadline.

    Massive piss take! Can’t believe I fell for the nonsense that we were actually going to sign some players.
  10. Gordon Gekko

    Thursday deadline.

    Dress it up as much as you like but this is majorly disappointing
  11. Gordon Gekko

    Championship 2018-19

    Keith Andrews is always on the EFL games and always says the same bloody things! “Yeah he’s a player with more strings to his bow” is one of his favourites lol that strike by Guardiora woulda been goal of the century!
  12. Gordon Gekko

    Pre Season Matches

    Anyone remember the last time we got promoted to the Premiership in 2000/2001, beat Everton at home in a preseason friendly the week before the season kicked off! Maybe just maybe...lol
  13. Gordon Gekko


    Don’t even know what the league 1 trophy looks like to be honest! Would have always took second after our ridiculously bad start
  14. Gordon Gekko


    Anyone else got the Flash scores ap? Quickest off the mark I think but bloody nerve wracking keep updating it.

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