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  1. Portsmouth v Rovers

    Bottling the big decisions again, needs to be starting Bell at left back.
  2. Hull City Fa Cup game 6.1.17

    Was going to put a bet on us winning today, not anymore after looking at that team. I get the whole not wanting to get injuries but if your going to start Mulgrew then why not start our in form player Dack, who is absolutely tearing it up at the moment?
  3. Match Preview: Peterborough United v Rovers

    Has us to win -1 handicap lol
  4. Match Preview: Peterborough United v Rovers

    Only 1 sub left now, great
  5. Shed Seven @ KGH - anthem songs

    The new Shed Seven album 'Instant Pleasures' is absolutely fantastic! best album I've heard in along time. Going to get tickets for the Manchester gig at the Castlefield Bowl.
  6. Team to face Gillingham

    Im sorry i just dont get the whole not starting chapman situation. Yes i get he came on and scored the other night, its almost as if Mowbray is saying look i bring him off the bench and he scores, so it must be the right choice. No its not, just start him!
  7. Rovers v Doncaster Rovers

    Im sorry but that is a ridiculous starting 11....we're at home to Doncaster! Watch us go and smash em now! lol
  8. Just read that the Channel Islands counts as domestic so no viewing of the live games for me! Hugely disappointing, costs about £200 for flights and travel etc from Jersey to Ewood for one game, so was hoping i would be able to view every game for the £110 deal.
  9. Was trying to use the paypal option myself but just went onto a blank screen? Anyone know if Jersey, Channel Islands qualifies for the £110 live games deal? really hope it does as can never afford to get over for matches.
  10. The Relegation Thread

    Not a chance, have you not seen how tight the play-off places are...
  11. Previous Game: Nottingham Forest Away

    Is that Mowbrays record now standing as W3 D5 L3 since coming in? mid table form.
  12. Previous Game: Nottingham Forest Away

    Haha nah that wasn't me, theres more Rovers fans over here randomly...i know a good 5 or 6 lol. Im Jersey born but mum is from Blackburn. Literally couldn't listen to the last 5 mins on Rovers Radio, had to go and hide under the bed!
  13. Previous Game: Nottingham Forest Away

    Literally havent shat myself listening to a football match like that since 1995!!!
  14. Previous Game: Rovers v Barnsley

    I live in Jersey! are you Jersey born?
  15. Last Game: Reading Away

    Us, Bristol City and Birmingham really are terrible. if only Brum sacked Rowett and got Zola in a few weeks earlier!