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  1. Gordon Gekko

    Thursday deadline.

    Massive piss take! Can’t believe I fell for the nonsense that we were actually going to sign some players.
  2. Gordon Gekko

    Thursday deadline.

    Dress it up as much as you like but this is majorly disappointing
  3. Gordon Gekko

    Championship 2018-19

    Keith Andrews is always on the EFL games and always says the same bloody things! “Yeah he’s a player with more strings to his bow” is one of his favourites lol that strike by Guardiora woulda been goal of the century!
  4. Gordon Gekko

    Pre Season Matches

    Anyone remember the last time we got promoted to the Premiership in 2000/2001, beat Everton at home in a preseason friendly the week before the season kicked off! Maybe just maybe...lol
  5. Gordon Gekko


    Don’t even know what the league 1 trophy looks like to be honest! Would have always took second after our ridiculously bad start
  6. Gordon Gekko


    Anyone else got the Flash scores ap? Quickest off the mark I think but bloody nerve wracking keep updating it.
  7. Gordon Gekko


    Please just blow the whistles now!
  8. Gordon Gekko


    Feel like these last 2 seasons watching Rovers has aged me by about 10 years! Would settle for a nice mid table finish in the championship next season lol
  9. Gordon Gekko


    Stay like this and we’ve used another get out of jail card
  10. Gordon Gekko

    Bristol Rovers v THE ROVERS

    Needs to start Bennett in the middle on Thursday and put Lenihan at right back. Williams shows a lot of passion and looks like he's doing everything for the cause, but think he must honestly have some videos of Mowbray in a drunken coke gang bang on his phone to keep getting picked all the time.
  11. Gordon Gekko

    Bristol Rovers v THE ROVERS

    Been looking at the table the last half hour thinking of different scenarios. Bloody hell cant handle this, especially after last year! If the Shrews win on Tuesday and we fail to beat the Posh we really could be in trouble. Would you's take needing a win now at home to Oxford to go up?? On a stag do in Benidorm last game of the season! oh dear lol
  12. Gordon Gekko

    Bristol Rovers v THE ROVERS

    Stream I’m watching must be about 5 mins behind lol
  13. Gordon Gekko

    Rovers v Wigan

    Just wanted that final whistle in the end, thought we were hanging on and could easily have lost. So strange even 2-0 at home at half time and was still an absolute mess of nerves on the couch as just knew we wouldn’t keep a clean sheet. Was gutted at full time but over the course of the full 90 felt Wigan deserved the draw. We go again on Saturday! Bowyer to hopefully give us 3 points lol
  14. Gordon Gekko

    Wimbledon v Rovers

    Wigan game postponed!

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